November 2015 Newsletter

Featured Therapy

Local Hyperthermia

We are excited to introduce the lastest generation, state-of-the-art Local Hyperthermia machine. This is used in world renowned cancer clinics in Mexico and Switzerland. We now have the first machine of this kind in North America. This will be a therapy that we will offer at Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre, right here in Calgary. We have received extensive hands-on, in-house training from a German practitioner on the proper, most effective use of this machine.

Local Hyperthermia is therapy that utilizes unique patented dual output electromagnetic technology that delivers thermal and non-thermal current to tissues through a series of capacitive and resistive electrodes. A very high deep local heat is produced between the electrodes. Tumor cells are unable to handle this level of heat, tumor cells by nature are heat sensitive therefore this therapy leads to tumor cell death, while healthy cells are strengthened by the heat and unharmed by the therapy. This therapy also stimulates vasodilation, therefore increases blood circulation and metabolism of the tissues which assists in moving broken down cells out of the body. The alternating voltage generates a movement of electric charge in the form of ions inside the tissues and restores its cell membrane potential.

This therapy is painless and safe with no known side effects. Due to the Electric Capacitive Transference (ECT) and the low frequency that it generates it avoids contraindications such as the presence of metal prostheses, use on eyes, varicose veins, scalp or sensitive areas. Heat is not conducted, such as through sun, fire, warm bottles or radiation, instead this machine transfers electrical energy into temperature creating a deep thermal therapy. This new method of local hyperthermia avoids many of the disadvantages of other hyperthermia machines with increased specificity.

Local hyperthermia machine uses capacitive or resistive currents to induce deep regional hyperthermia. The concentration of power and the increase in temperature is obtained internally in the areas where the movable electrode is placed. We start off opening the lymphatic system, then we stimulate deep local hyperthermia of solid tumor or fibrotic tissue, then stimulate the lymphatic system in order to drain the broken down cells from the area. Ideally, this treatment is done 5 days a week for approximately 20-30 treatments to effectively breakdown solid tumors.

Physiological Effects:

  • Increases blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Increases the activity of the immune system
  • Increases internal body temperature
  • Improves cell metabolism
  • Oxygenate cells and tissues
  • Tissue detoxification, drainage of toxins
  • Activates mechanisms of cell regeneration

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Pumpkin Loaf

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