Skin Conditions: What organs/systems play a role in skin conditions?


Skin Conditions: What organs/systems play a role in skin conditions?Skin conditions, such as rashes, hives, acne, eczema, psoriasis, need to be healed from the inside out.  Using any type of topical cream will either soothe or suppress the symptoms but will not address the root cause.  With skin conditions, we always need to dig deeper.

Skin is the largest organ in the body.  Liver and kidneys are the body’s primary major detoxifying organs.  If the liver and kidneys are not working at their best, then the body uses a secondary organ of detoxification, since the skin is the largest organ in the body, the body will typically use the skin to attempt to move the toxic load out of the body.

The lymphatic system drains and cleans up the skin tissues.  If the lymphatic system is congested then it will have a challenging time cleaning up the skin and moving toxins out of the body. About 80% of the lymphatic system is housed in the digestive tract.  Therefore digestive issues can clog up the lymphatic system and show up symptomatically as skin problems.

The superficial lymphatic system drains the head and neck, breasts and skin; everything superficial.  The superficial lymphatic system drains into the deep lymphatic system, which drains all the deep vital organs including the digestive tract.  The deep lymphatic system then drains into the liver and moves out through the colon.  If any part of this flow of toxins is congested then we can see symptoms show up at the skin level.

There is also an interesting digestive tract, skin and immune system connection.  Skin is our protection, our physical barrier from the outside world and the digestive tract is our barrier from the outside world on the inside.  Our immune system is very dependent on these physical barriers.  If the skin or the digestive tract are compromised in any way, it will also compromise our immune system.

Therefore, the liver and kidneys, digestive tract and lymphatic system are key organs/systems that need to be working effectively to treat skin conditions.