Six cause of dysfunction and disease


Six cause of dysfunction and diseaseThere are six stresses on the body that can lead to dysfunction of certain organs or systems of the body.  If dysfunction continues over a period of time, this can lead to disease processes in the body.  The truth is that most disease processes are multi-causal, especially chronic disease, and they occur over time, they do not just spontaneously appear.

Here are the 6 causes of dysfunction and disease:

  1. Physical: structural imbalances, injuries, surgeries, scars
  2. Food intolerances: grains, cow’s dairy, sugar, eggs
  3. Immune challenges: viral, bacterial, fungal, parasites
  4. Heavy Metals: mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic; from our environment, industry and dentistry
  5. Environmental Toxins: pesticides, food additives, food preservatives
  6. Emotional Conflicts: any conflict in a person’s life can leave an imprint on our nervous system

The key to regaining proper function is to be able to identify and remove the stresses on the body.  At Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre we use a highly specific and advanced therapy to identify and treat the disturbances to proper function in the body called NeuroViscero Regulation Therapy.