What is the problem with PEANUTS?


What is the problem with PEANUTS?I recommend that my patient avoid consuming peanuts in their diet.  Most peanuts have been genetically modifications, which makes them difficult for our bodies to recognize and properly metabolize.  Peanuts are prone to harboring molds, since they grow at the same level as mold, most notably the carcinogenic mold aflatoxin.  Peanuts also have a tendency to accumulate pesticide residues from surrounding soil and become concentrated sources of toxic pesticides.

In recent years there is an increase in anaphylactic allergic reactions to peanuts.  There are many theories as to why this increased prevalence has occurred.  I suspect it is related to the fact that most peanuts have been genetically modified, that they are prone to harboring molds and can be sources of toxic pesticides.  This has created a new challenge for the children of the 21st century and results in us needing to delay the introduction of this food as long as possible, I typically recommend after age 3.