Fats and Bones

What is the connection between consuming dietary fats and bone health? There are a number of woman that are concerned about bone health and they often do not see the connection between needing to increase fat consumption to promote their bone health. Many women [...]

SIBO and Insulin Resistance

What is the connection between SIBO and Insulin Resistance? First of all, what is insulin resistance? Insulin resistance occurs when the pancreas releases a hormone called insulin, goes into the blood stream. On our cells we have insulin receptors, insulin will go into those [...]

Phyto-hormones vs Synthetic Hormones

Phyto-Hormones are from plants that exhibit hormone-like properties. They will have a weak effect on hormone receptors. Synthetic hormones are man-made chemicals that have hormone-like properties. They will have a strong effect on hormone receptors, even stronger than natural hormones. They will move into [...]

THREE Ways to Improve Our Electrical Conductivity

Our bodies are these electrical systems. In order for our bodies to function optimally, that electricity needs to flow freely throughout the body, in order to communicate to all the cells of our body. Here are THREE Ways to Improve our Electrical Conductivity: Stay [...]

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