Health Articles

High-Performance Athletes

IMPACT Magazine July/Aug 2015 Keep Training at a Maximum 

IMPACT Magazine Mar/Apr 2014 Sport Performance

IMPACT Magazine Sept/Oct 2012 Ditch The Travel Bug Article

IMPACT Magazine May/June 2012 Biochemical Efficiency

Cancer Articles

July 2017 Newsletter Healthy Breast Care, Examination and Imaging

October 2015 Newsletter How to Identify and Remove Carcinogens From Your Home

IMPACT Magazine Nov/Dec 2014 Anti-oxidant, Anti-aging and Anti-cancer Health

November 2012 Newsletter Advanced Testing and Aggressive Therapies to Treat Cancer

November 2011 Newsletter Cancer – A Personal Crusade

Alive Magazine Natural Cancer Therapy

Townsend Letter A Critique of the Kelley Nutritional-Metabolic Cancer Program

Cardiovascular/Heart Health

December 2018 Newsletter High Cholesterol & SIBO

February 2016 Newsletter IV Chelation and Its Benefits in Treating Cardiovascular Disease

IMPACT Magazine Sept/Oct 2013 Taking Care of Your Heart

February 2014 Newsletter The Truth about Cholesterol

Digestive Health Articles

November 2018 Newsletter Ketogenic Diet – An Overview

September 2018 Newsletter Using a Paleo Template to Support Optimal Health

June 2018 Newsletter Prebiotics – Food Support for Gut Bacteria

Amber Approved Magazine Winter 2016 Food and Moods

October 2016 Newsletter Importance of Balancing Blood Sugar Levels

Food Matters May 2016 Five Ways to Improve Your Microbiome

Food Matters September 2015 6 Ways to Improve Your Digestive Health

Amber Approved Magazine May/June 2015 Tips for Newly Diagnosed Celiac Disease

February 2015 Newsletter HEARTBURN/GERD/Acid Reflux and Acid Blocking Medications

January 2013 Newsletter Why are PROBIOTICS essential to good health?

October 2012 Newsletter Deciphering Food Allergies and Intolerances

January 2012 Newsletter Our Unique Approach to IBS

December 2011 Newsletter Living the G-Free Life – Celiac Disease Story

Hormonal Health Article

April 2019 Newsletter Fertility Support for Women and Men, From Your Naturopathic Doctor

April 2017 Newsletter Understanding Thyroid Testing: Why Hypothyroidism is Often Missed Through Conventional Testing

Amber Approved Magazine Sep/Oct 2016 THREE Scenarios that may present as Adrenal Fatigue

Amber Approved Magazine Mar/Apr 2015 Metabolic Sabotage: Four Hormone Imbalances that can Block your Weight Loss Efforts

IMPACT Magazine Nov/Dec 2013 Women’s Health

March 2012 Newsletter Adrenal Fatigue – Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

February 2012 Newsletter Female Hormonal Balance

Bone Health Article

April 2012 Newsletter Debunking the Osteoporosis Myths

Brain Health Article

FullScript Blog May 12th 2021 The Gut-Brain Connection: Exploring the Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis

IMPACT Magazine July/Aug 2014 Brain Health

Joint Health Article

June 2015 Newsletter Cortisone Injection VERSUS Prolotherapy

June 2012 Newsletter Way to Treat Arthritis

May 2012 Newsletter Understanding Arthritis – A New, Natural Perspective

May 2012 Newsletter Prolotherapy – Regenerative Solution to Chronic Joint Pain

Lyme Disease

August 2018 Newsletter The Perils & Pitfalls of Lyme Testing

July 2018 Newsletter An Introduction to Lyme Disease

Skin Articles

August 2019 Newsletter How to Choose Sunscreen Products for the Family

December 2016 Newsletter What deodorant are you using?

Amber Approved Magazine July/Aug 2016 6 Ways to Take care of your Skin

September 2012 Newsletter Skin Conditions – What organs/systems play a role in skin conditions?

Stress Articles

December 2017 Newsletter 5 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

IMPACT Magazine July/August 2013 Adaptogens

December 2012 Newsletter How Stressed Are You?

December 2012 Newsletter Depletion to Renewal


May 2016 Newsletter Why Your Body Loves Sleep

Amber Approved Jan/Feb 2015 Five Possible Blocks to a Good Night Sleep

Seasonal Allergies

Amber Approved Mar/Apr 2016 Five Tips to Take Control of Seasonal Allergies

Health Questions Answered

September 2019 Newsletter How to Use Intermittent Fasting to Support Your Health

January 2019 Newsletter A New Year, A New Direction

April 2018 Newsletter What’s a Bone Broth Fast and Why Should You Try One?

March 2018 Newsletter Natural Solutions to Chronic Low Energy

Amber Approved Magazine Spring 2017 Are Peanuts Healthy? Is it Possible to Prevent Peanut Allergies?

May 2015 Newsletter Are all gluten-free products healthy?

May 2014 Newsletter The Problem with Canada’s Food Guide

April 2014 Newsletter What’s the problem with chlorine in our drinking water?

November 2013 Newsletter How does COFFEE affect my health?

August 2013 Newsletter How much water should I be drinking?

July 2013 Newsletter What is MSG and what is the problem with it?

June 2013 Newsletter What cookware should I be using?

May 2013 Newsletter What’s wrong with margarine?

April 2013 Newsletter How did I get a fungal infection?

March 2013 Newsletter Is there a problem with soy?

February 2013 Newsletter Is there any problems microwaving plastics?

January 2013 Newsletter What are the effects of microwaving our foods on our health?

December 2012 Newsletter Is there anything wrong with CORN?

November 2012 Newsletter Sprouted vs whole wheat bread

September 2012 Newsletter What’s wrong with parabens?

August 2012 Newsletter Is there anything wrong with ASPARTAME?

July 2012 Newsletter What is wrong with genetically modified foods?

June 2012 Newsletter What is the problem with PEANUTS?

May 2012 Newsletter What is the problem with PORK?

April 2012 Newsletter To detox or not to detox…that is the question?

March 2012 Newsletter Are all natural supplements created equal?

February 2012 Newsletter If I’m not consuming dairy, where do I get my calcium?

January 2012 Newsletter What is the difference between wheat-free and gluten-free?

December 2011 Newsletter What does it mean when food is labeled “organic” and is it actually better for you?

November 2011 Newsletter What is the Problem with Cow’s Dairy?

October 2011 Newsletter What’s wrong with WHEAT anyways?

Alive Magazine Ask the Expert – Pterygium

Alive Magazine Ask the Expert – Cataract Surgery

Ajax-Pickering Magazine How Does Naturopathic Medicine Work?

Therapies, Supplements and Foods

March 2020 Newsletter Power of Garlic

December 2019 Newsletter Echinacea, Andrographis….Herbs and Foods for the Immune system….

August 2018 Newsletter The Common Dandelion: Rethinking a Misunderstood and Undervalued Weed

November 2017 Newsletter Understanding Vitamin D and Preventing Deficiency 

March 2017 Newsletter Magnesium: A Popular Supplement- A Necessary Nutrient

April 2015 Newsletter Biochemical Profiling – Understanding Your Unique Biochemistry, Beyond pH

March 2015 Newsletter Whole-Body Regulation Thermography (AlfaSight 9000)

January 2015 Newsletter Assessing Body Composition – Determining Your Present State of Health, Disease Risk and Treatment Progress

November 2014 Newsletter Body Composition Analyzer (BCM) – How it can benefit you

August 2014 Newsletter How we use supplements in this BIOLOGICAL MEDICINE practice

June 2014 Newsletter LED Light Therapy: An Exciting New Way to Harness the Power of Light for Healing

January 2014 Newsletter The Health Benefits of Chia Seed: A Tiny Seed That Packs a Nutritional Punch

October 2013 Newsletter Benefits of “Castor oil Packs”

April 2013 Newsletter What is Bowen Therapy, also known as Bowen Technique?

October 2012 Newsletter The ALCAT Test: A New Way to Determine Inflammatory Reactions to Foods

August 2012 Newsletter Get your sweat on – Dome Infrared Sauna

July 2012 Newsletter Give your Blood a Little Sunshine – UBI

June 2012 Newsletter Chelation Therapy

April 2012 Newsletter Neera Super Cleanse

January 2012 Newsletter Healthy and Active Metabolism Program

December 2011 Newsletter Darkfield Microscopy “You canT grow a flower in cement”

November 2011 Newsletter Visceral Manipulation – Get Your Organs Moving

October 2011 Newsletter Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

Alive Magazine Lecithin

Alive Magazine 5-HTP Helps with Sleep

Pregnancy and Babies

Blush Magazine Baby’s Health – A Gentle Touch

Blush Magazine Breastfeeding and Beyond

Blush Magazine Building a Healthy Baby

Blush Magazine Natural Remedies for your Baby

Pediatric Health

Amber Approved Magazine July/Aug 2016 5 Ways to Keep our Kids Healthy

September Newsletter 2013 Let’s Give Our Children the Health Advantage


October 2019 Newsletter The Gallbladder & Bile – The Missing Piece in Detox

June 2012 Newsletter Heavy Metal Toxicity

Alive Magazine Spring Cleaning

Esteem Magazine Cleaning House

Immune Health

Amber Approved Magazine Nov/Dec 2015 Sugar and Its Effect on Our Immune System

Amber Approved Magazine Sept/Oct 2015 Five Ways to Build your Immune System and Prevent Colds and Flus

IMPACT Magazine Sept/Oct 2014 Immune Health

August 2012 Newsletter Autoimmune Disease – The Biological Medicine Approach

October 2011 Newsletter The Flu Shot and Our Immune System

Pickering Life Magazine Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Health and Wellness

May 2019 Newsletter Biotoxin Illness – Mold is often the culprit

Amber Approved Magazine July/Aug 2016 5 Insights to Uncovering the Underlying Cause

Amber Approved Magazine July/Aug 2015 Canada’s Comprehensive Centre For Biological Medicine

December 2014 Newsletter Key Indicator of Your Functional Health

October 2014 Newsletter Exercise – One of the foundations of health

September 2014 Newsletter SLEEP – One of the foundations of health

IMPACT Magazine May/June 2014 Anti-Inflammatories

July 2014 Newsletter The Time is NOW

March 2014 Newsletter Candida: A Small Yeast with Big Health Implications

August 2013 Newsletter The Importance of drinking water

June 2013 Newsletter Let’s talk about WHITE REFINED SUGAR

May 2013 Newsletter Our Lymphatic System

April 2013 Newsletter The Problem with the Weight Loss Concept of “Calories in vs. Calories out”

March 2013 Newsletter Inflammation: A Key Concept in Treating Disease & Supporting Optimal Health

February 2013 Newsletter Goals of Naturopathic Treatment at our clinic

January 2013 Newsletter CONSISTENCY is the Key to Achieving your Health Goals

July 2012 Newsletter Six cause of dysfunction and disease

April 2012 Newsletter Change is Healthy

January 2012 Newletter Value yourself, Value your health

December 2011 Newsletter Tis the season for Moderation

November 2011 Newsletter Health is a Process

October 2011 Newsletter Journey to Becoming an ND

Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine The epidemiology of women’s rugby injuries