How we use supplements in this BIOLOGICAL MEDICINE practice


How we use supplements in this BIOLOGICAL MEDICINE practiceBiological Medicine Doctors use supplements very differently than most practitioners.  It is a very different way of looking at the body than conventional medicine looks at the body and even the way that many alternative practitioners treat patients.

We do NOT use supplements to make up for a poor diet or poor lifestyle.

We do NOT use supplements or treatment plans that you will need to be on for the rest of your life (there are a few exceptions).

We understand that your body is a dynamic system, that is constantly changing, breaking down and building back up, and its needs change as we work towards healing your body.

We use supplements to help shift the body in the right direction, to help improve the function of specific organs and remove stressors, all in order to help the body to function optimally on its own without being dependent on supplements or drugs for that matter.  As your system shifts and changes, your treatment plan will be adjusted to meet your needs as well.

As Biological Medicine practitioners, we embrace a different philosophy when it comes to supplements.