January 2021 Newsletter

Huge Announcement

We now know more than ever before the importance of supporting our bodies to be stronger and more resilient by making healthy lifestyle changes. More and more people are looking for real, sustainable solutions to improve their health, cleanse their bodies and increase immunity. What better time to bring the focus back to ourselves, our habits and our health goals than now?

If you’ve been looking for a way to implement lifestyle changes to boost energy, improve immunity and overall health, I’ve got something just for you!

My team and I are super excited to announce Advanced Naturopathic Immune Program we’ve just launched to provide you with the support and accountability you need to ensure you stay on track and equip you with the tools that will help you make better health decisions!

To learn more about my 28-Day Immune Support Program and my free health tracker app click here

Boosting Immunity Through Building a Healthy Terrain

Click here to watch the youTube interview that was featured in Community Immunity Summit, now available for free.

Podcast Interview

Dr. Melina Roberts was a guest on Healthy Hormones for Women with Samantha Gladish speaking about Keep Your Microbiome Healthy, Improving Electrical Conductivity and Phyto-Hormones.

Dr. Melina Roberts was a guest on The Science of Self-Healing with Dr. Sharon Stills speaking about Therapies Used in Bioregulatory Medicine.

Dr. Melina Roberts was a guest on Myers Detox Podcast with Wendy Myers speaking about The Pros and Cons of IV Chelation TherapyOr watch on YouTube.

Dr. Melina Roberts was a guest on The Keto Diet Podcast with Leanne Vogel speaking about Understanding and Avoiding CancerOr watch on YouTube.

Dr. Melina Roberts was a guest on The Beats with Kelly Kennedy speaking about Self-Regulation and Scars. Or watch on YouTube.