What is the problem with PORK?


What is the problem with PORK?Pork is biologically similar to human meat.  That is one of the reasons they are able to do pig heart valve transplants in humans because the tissues are compatible with little risk of rejection by our immune systems.  The problem with human’s consuming pork is that it elicits an immune response.  We are able to see this with the darkfield microscopy, if a patient has recently eaten pork we will see the white blood cells in full force and very active.  What the immune system does it helps us to decipher proteins from self (do not digest) from proteins from non-self (digest).  Therefore if you eat pork on a regular basis you will challenging your immune system and over time it may have a difficult time being able to adequately decipher self from non-self, which can set you up for an autoimmune picture.  Autoimmune disease is when the body is having a challenging time being able to decipher self from non-self.