September 2022 Newsletter

New Scheduling System

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Welcome Dr. Amanda Ferris to our team!

As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor since 2005, Dr. Amanda has helped her patients treat the underlying cause of their health concerns using Homeopathy, Bowen Therapy, Nutrition, and Detoxification. Now she is the facilitator of the Brain Optimization Program – Address Your Stress Individual Program and is a certified HealthMath Practitioner and Trauma-Informed Care specialist.

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NEW Brain Optimization Program

Do you wonder if an obstacle to your healing is due to your present stress or lingering stress from the past?

Would you like to optimize your body’s response to stress without spending countless hours in counseling or simply talking about your feelings?

If so, then check out the NEW Brain Optimization Program at Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre with Dr. Amanda Ferris, offering the latest in Neuroscience, Psychology and Immunology to address the deep layer of stress that fuels chronic health issues. 

Dr. Ferris is an expert in the field of chronic stress and brings a Trauma-Informed approach to her work with patients. This simple program consists of:

  • 3 personalized 1-hour virtual consultations with Dr. Ferris to assess your stress levels, clear trauma from the nervous system and teach you how to improve your body’s response to stress to optimize your healing. 
  • A copy of Address Your Stress workshop manual where you can discover the neuroscience behind rebalancing your nervous system in a simplified way.
  • A HeartMath ear sensor which will be used throughout the program with the Inner Balance app on your smartphone to provide the biofeedback needed to teach your body stress resilience.

The goal of this program is to identify and help you clear past traumatic events and to rebalance your nervous system with tools and techniques that you can use going forward in your life. This program will rapidly unburden your mind and body of past trauma and give you the tools to handle stress in a healthy way in the present.

Stressful events (and big traumatic events) can be stored in the brain and body and continue to surface in varying ways for years, even decades. These thoughts and memories trigger ongoing stress responses in the body that cause hormonal imbalances, mineral imbalances and changes in brain function. You can get caught on a  “roller coaster of stress” meaning you can never seem to shake things like:

  • a constant sense of fear running in the background 
  • a sense of not having enough (time, money, material things)
  • a need for things to be perfect or perfectly planned
  • anxiety about the future
  • a sense of shame about yourself or your body

Talk therapy can be helpful for some, but for many people bringing up painful memories of the past serves only to trigger the stress response yet again and sustain powerful hormones that support stress and inflammation in the body.  The Brain Optimization Program will still identify these difficulties and help you transform the stress they create, without endless talking.The sessions are collaborative, experimental and inspiring.  The program is an evidence-based blend of the most effective counseling and guided meditation advances in neuroscience, psychology and immunology. A deeper understanding of how memories are stored in the brain have allowed the treatment of stress and trauma to be greatly advanced in the last few years.  

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