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February 2020 Newsletter

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Speaker: Dr. Melina Roberts ND

Topic: The Microenvironment: The Missing Link to Treating Cancer



Speaker: Dr. Melina Roberts, ND

Topic: Beyond the Gut: Examining the Microbiome Influence on Mental Health



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LIVE Interview

Dr. Melina Roberts did a LIVE FACEBOOK INTERVIEW with Malcolm Saunders of the Light Cellar about the Top 3 Myths about Hormonal Balance. 

Featured BLOG POST

Conventional VS Naturopathic Approach to SIBO

What is the difference between the conventional approach to SIBO and the naturopathic approach to SIBO?Conventional medical treatment of SIBO is using antibiotics. This approach leads to additional problems as it disrupts the microbiome.

Naturopathic medical approach is to restore proper functioning of protective barriers such as hydrochloric acid replacement, digestive enzymes (especially proteases and lipases), promote proper bile flow, herbal agents to reduce bacterial overgrowth, and promote peristalsis.

Biofilms can form in the small intestines. We tend to see biofilms form with the methane-producing bacteria form of SIBO. Biofilms are a collection of bacteria that will stick to the lining of the small intestines and will form a gooey, sticky matrix. Digestive enzymes will help to break down those biofilms. We have some herbal agents that can also help to break down those biofilms.

There are remedies such as berberine, which has an antimicrobial affect, so is able to kill off the overgrowths of pathogenic bacteria that is residing within the small intestines. Berberine also helps to improve intestinal motility.

Another natural remedy that can be effective for SIBO is enteric-coated oregano oil. The benefit of the enteric-coated oregano oil, is it can pass the stomach acid and make its way to the small intestine and enable it to do its work within the small intestines of killing off overgrowths of bacteria or fungi. The oregano oil improves the rhythmic contractions of the intestinal tract and relieving intestinal spasms.

Studies have demonstrated that berberine can have to same effect as antibiotics in treating cases of SIBO, without the side effects of disrupting the microbiome.

The naturopathic approach involves powerful treatments for treating SIBO, and really focuses on addressing the root causes of SIBO and balancing the system.

Featured Recipe

Mushroom and Nut Loaf

Contributed by Dr. Tory Jackson

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