We officially opened our doors on September 6th. It is exciting to see a plan and a vision come to fruition.  We are happy to present you with our first newsletter.

Our clinic goals are to ensure a patient-focused clinic within a professional atmosphere.  We will be offering the most advanced testing and therapies to ensure that you reach your health goals.  We approach all health issues with specificity, which enables us to have high success rates.  We want to guide you through your healing journey.

Not only are we offering exceptional services from a highly skilled practitioner with years of specialized training, we also want to make your entire experience at our clinic a positive one.  To make this happen, we have added specific services to add convenience to your experience.  You are now able to book appointments online.  You can fill in intake forms online.  We are also conveniently located in the Market Mall Executive Professional Centre which offers ample parking.  And more added value is coming soon……stay tuned!!

Our goal with these newsletters are to keep in touch with you, to keep you up-to-date on what is going on at our clinic, to educate you on health issues with reliable, accurate information and to able to present our unique approach.

We appreciate your input.  Please let us know what you think of the newsletter and what topics you’d be interested in reading about in future newsletters.

Yours in Health,

Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre

Featured Article

Dr. Roberts Journey to Becoming an ND

I often get asked ‘why I became an Naturopathic Doctor’, so here’s my answer.

I had a few different influences that led me to this path.  One major influence was my personal experience with naturopathic medicine.  As a child I had lots of allergies and would break out in rashes to almost anything from foods to things in the environment.  I pretty much figured it was something I just had to learn to live with.  When I was about 13 years old a wise family friend told my parents that they should try taking me to see a Naturopathic Doctor.  And luckily for me, my parents did.  I saw a Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto, followed his treatment plan which was to change a few things in my diet and take some supplements.  To everyone’s amazement my allergies completely cleared up.  To me it was “magic”, I never realized that there were legitimate schools you could go to in order to learn how to make these kinds of changes in people’s health.

As I went through my school, I always found the human body, health and sciences very interesting.  I took Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo.  I volunteered at hospitals, worked in medical doctor’s offices, did medical research and wrote articles in scientific journals.  I was really gearing up to apply to conventional medical school.  But the more time I spent in this environment, I wasn’t really seeing people getting better and experiencing any revolutionary changes in their health.

While in university, I decided to spend some time at a naturopathic clinic.  I would ask the patients that I encountered what their story was.  I was amazed to find that every single one of them had a success story.  I was intrigued and motivated to have this kind of effect on people’s lives.

I then did research into the naturopathic colleges and found that there are accredited, legitimate medical schools, but there was only 6 accredited naturopathic schools in North America. I applied to the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, which at the time was the only accredited naturopathic college in Canada.  I got accepted into the program and you could say that the rest is history….

Your Health Questions Answered

What’s wrong with WHEAT anyways?

Wheat has a large amount a protein called ‘gluten’.  This is a very large protein that is difficult to effectively breakdown and metabolize.  Since our body’s cannot effectively break it down, it will sit in your digestive tracts and cause inflammation.

Modern wheat is very different from the wheat of our ancestors.  The proportion of gluten protein in wheat has increased enormously as a result of hybridization.  The wheat we eat today is different than the wheat our ancestors ate even 50 years ago.

The pure wheat flour has been processed into refined white flour that is stripped of its nutritional value. The wheat was hybridized to have a high gluten content to produce a stronger dough structure and improve baking quality, as well as supply a high protein bread.  The problem is that the further our food is from it’s natural form, the more difficult it is for our bodies to recognize it and effectively metabolize it.  Our food has changed due to economics and not changed in the best interest of people’s health or with any examination of the long-term effects on our health.

This makes our modern day wheat in North America an inflammatory food that should be avoided for good health.

Featured Program

Natural Immune Boosting Shot    $45.00

As cold and flu season quickly approaches, we start to think of ways to boost our immune system and fend off infections.

Problem with the Conventional Flu Shot

The conventional Flu Shot is a mixture of 3 strains of flu viruses mixed with a number of chemical preservatives and these strains are based on a prediction of what flu viruses some medical experts think will be the most problematic this season.  This is really an impossible prediction to make when we have thousands of different strains of viruses that are continuously mutating.

The truth

The truth is that there are thousands of different strains of viruses that enter our environment daily.  What it really comes down to is our own body’s ability to fight off infections. We will only get sick if our body is out of balance and our immune system is diminished. In order for viruses to survive and cause symptoms within the body they need an environment that will nourish them. Our best defense is our very own immune system, which needs to be strong in order to combat infections. The human’s immune system can be compromised by physical and psychological stress, poor nutrition, use of prescription drugs and environmental toxins.

Ways we can boost our immune system:

  • Eat a diet that is high in whole, natural foods. Processed foods and inflammatory foods (such as wheat and cow’s dairy) can be a burden on the immune system.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. This will help to flush out toxins.
  • Get a good night sleep of at least 7-8 hours. Give the body the energy that it needs to fight off any infections.
  • Exercise regularly. Physical activity will stimulate the immune system.
  • Take a probiotic. By balancing your digestive system, you will be supporting your immune system.
  • Add Vitamin C (1000mg) and Zinc (30mg) to your health routine. These will support the immune system.
  • Get a Natural Immune Boosting shot. It is safe and effective with no side effects or harmful additives.

Ask Dr. Roberts about getting your Natural Immune Boosting shot at your next visit.

Featured Therapy

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

This therapy involves administering vitamins, minerals and homeopathics directly into the circulatory system for a rapid therapeutic effect. The intravenous route can achieve high serum concentrations that increases the absorptive capacity by about 10-20 fold which cannot be attained with the oral route.  These nutrients supply the body with potent antioxidants, they will bind and remove toxins and heavy metals from the tissues and set up a healing environment within the body.

If you were to ingest an oral nutrient, this molecule would need to be broken down by the stomach, absorbed by the small intestines then metabolized by the liver and eventually get delivered to the cell.  Even if all parts of the digestive tract are functioning optimally, the amount of the nutrient that gets delivered to the cells is minimal.

For those individuals with compromised intestinal absorption (ie. cancer, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome) oral absorption is even lower.  The advantage of intravenous vitamin therapy is that it bypasses the digestive tract and allows for 100% absorption of nutrients and therefore offers a tremendous therapeutic value.

The adrenal glands require Vitamin C, B-vitamins, Zinc and Magnesium to function optimally.  The highest concentrations of vitamin C in the entire body are located within the adrenal glands.  The human body does not manufacture vitamin C, so our supply is solely dependent on our diet and supplementation.  A diet low or deficient in vitamin C can effect the proper function of the adrenal glands.

An intravenous Meyer’s Cocktail infusion is a concoction made up of high Vitamin C, B-vitamins and minerals, which helps to feed the adrenal glands it’s essential nutrients.  Therefore Meyer’s Cocktails can be helpful for adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, acute and chronic infections, lowered immune function, chronic inflammatory syndromes.

Featured Recipe

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

1 scoop of Rice Protein Powder

1 cup of berries

2 cups of almond milk

Blend together for a quick, nutritious and healthy breakfast

Community Outreach

At Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre, we are committed to community outreach and dedicated to educating our clientele and our community on health issues.  Dr. Roberts is passionate about serving her clientele and helping them achieve their health goals by encouraging balance and raising their health knowledge.  Dr. Roberts volunteers her time to provide effective educational seminars in the community and has extensive experience lecturing on various health promoting topics.

If you belong to an organization, business, health club or group that would benefit from a workshop on health and wellness, please give our clinic a call to arrange.