Visceral Manipulation – GET YOUR ORGANS MOVING


Visceral Manipulation - GET YOUR ORGANS MOVINGIn order for you to be healthy and reach your optimal health, your organs need to be able to move freely.  If your organs are able to slip and slide on each other then they are able to function optimally.

When your organs become inflamed, they soon go through the healing process and will adhere to the tissues around them.  This will put your organs into a more rigid state.  This rigid state can impede proper blood flow, lymphatic drainage and nerve conduction to specific organs.

Your organs can become inflamed for a number of different reasons.  Some of the ways that your organs become inflamed are from injuries, surgeries, infections, food intolerances, heavy metal toxicity, environmental toxins or neuro-viscero conflicts.

Visceral Manipulation therapy is the effective solution to get your organs moving.  Visceral Manipulation is a gentle, manual therapy that releases the restrictions or adhesions and allows the organs to move freely.

Here’s a common scenario:

A patient presents with mid-back pain, neck pain and limited shoulder motion.  When we investigate further they have had a few colds or viral infections throughout the year.

What has happened is the cold or viral infection has caused the lungs to become inflamed.  As the infection clears and the lungs go through the healing process, the lungs will adhere to the tissues around them and thus put them into a rigid state.  With every breath the pull of the adhesions alters the movement patterns of the nearby structures, shifting the rib motion and pulling on the spine.  These restrictions appear symptomatically as mid-back and neck pain, as well as limited motion in the shoulder.

Visceral Manipulation releases the adhesions of the lungs and enables them to  function optimally, allows the ribs to return to normal motion, and the back, neck and shoulder pain can be resolved.

This scenario highlights just one of the hundreds of possible ramifications of a small dysfunction magnified by thousands of repetitions each day. This also explains how pain can be related to restrictions in organs.