What’s wrong with margarine?


What's wrong with margarine?

Margarine is a man-made food. It is made from vegetable oils that are then infused with hydrogen gas which changes the oil from a liquid to a solid, this changes the composition of the fats from unsaturated fat to saturated fat, due to the processing it is referred to as hydrogenated fats.  If the hydrogenation process is incomplete the relatively high temperatures used in the hydrogenation process will flip some of the carbon-carbon double bonds into “trans” form leading to trans fats.  The hydrogenation process involves heating the oil in the presence of a metal catalyst, nickel, therefore there can be some contamination of the heavy metal nickel.  In addition, artificial colouring and flavouring is added.

The process of changing the oil to a solid, from an unsaturated fat to a saturated fat, making changes to the original biochemistry of the oil, changes it from a natural oil to a man-made product.

I recommend using organic butter.  It is a natural product that the body can recognize.