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“Building a Healthy Child” teaches parents how to introduce foods in a way that prevents digestive disturbances, common childhood illnesses and builds long-term health. This book is based on the concept that the foundation of the human microbiome is established between birth and age 3 and this is the foundation of good health that needs to be established in these early years. The second key concept is the understanding the different organs reach full maturation at different stages of development therefore we need to introduce foods in line with organ maturation to support proper growth and development. The third concept is that our bodies are hard-wired to breakdown real, nutrient-dense foods, not processed, chemically-laden food-like products.





I was diagnosed with breast cancer spring 2011. My oncologist booked me for surgery right away followed by chemo but I made a choice not to go through with conventional treatment. My daughter Cindy was a patient of Dr. Roberts for Celiac disease so she talked to Dr. Roberts if she would treat me for breast cancer. I travelled to Alberta right away and started intensive treatments with Dr. Roberts. My treatments have included IVs , UBI, local hyperthermia, laser, footbaths along with diet plan and supplements. I am so blessed to have been introduced to Dr. Roberts…..it has been an amazing successful experience. I have never felt so good and I always say it feels like going to a spa…..very relaxing and everyone in the office are very helpful and make you feel so welcome. Thank you Dr. Roberts and your amazing staff.


…my knuckles became swollen and my hands ached which prevented me from having a good night’s sleep. The more drugs I took the more my hands ached and a rash appeared on various parts of my body; I couldn’t garden, volunteer, or play golf…
…after about 10 months {of seeing Dr. Roberts} my inflamed knuckles subsided and my hands stopped aching; (My Rheumatologist declared that my diagnosed Psoriatic/Inflammatory Arthritis was in remission). This positive outcome was achieved primarily due to Dr. Roberts’ holistic and natural-based treatment for which I am grateful.


I have struggled with irritable bowel syndrome for the past twelve years. I would have constipation, bloating and gas for a period of time and then it would switch to diarrhea for a couple days. It was a vicious cycle that my body just didn’t seem able to get out of. I tried every form of therapy and prescription medication that is out there. I had come to accept that this cycle would just be a part of my life.

Within my first couple of appointments for Visceral Manipulation with Dr. Roberts, I was beginning to have regular bowel movements and relief from the constant pain.

I am still currently seeing Dr. Roberts, but we have moved on to other areas of my body such as my kidneys, that has helped to relief my constant back pain, and my chest, that has alleviated some restrictions in my breathing. I feel that Visceral Manipulation is amazing, and has greatly improved my quality of life.

I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone.