Biological Medicine

Biological Medicine is an evolved understanding of health and healing to stimulate, balance and restore our self-regulating mechanisms.  It is a form of medicine founded in Germany in the 1950s that involves superior and highly innovative instrumentation. This medicine is called biological because it uses the methods of life itself – it is bio-logical.

Biological Medicine is based on the understanding that the human body is a highly evolved, dynamic system designed to continuously breakdown and regenerate forming new cells and tissue.  The complex balance is governed by the body’s regulatory mechanisms. Blockages to regulation lead to dysfunction and disease, which is usually multi-causal. The normal restoration that is vital to maintaining health begins to breakdown to dys-regulate. Biological Medicine focuses on uncovering these blockages to normal regulation which are the underlying causes of illnesses.

At the Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre, we have advanced testing and treatment techniques to isolate, identify and address these sources of dysregulation.