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I was diagnosed at the beginning of 2018 with stage 3 breast cancer which spread to the lymph nodes. I did not do any chemo, radiation or surgery. I became a vegan, eating mostly fruits and salads.
In June of 2019 I heard Dr. Roberts on the Anti-Cancer Revolution talk and she made a real good impression on me so I decided to contact her office for a consultation. In July, I started an intensive cancer treatment which included intravenous vitamin C, local hyperthermia, Ozone-UBI intravenous and towards the end of my treatment infrared saunas was also added. In addition, I had an array of vitamins and herbs daily. Also, a diet change recommended by Dr. Roberts which excluded grains and a lot of vegetables and fruits that was specifically not good for me. I tried some fish and eggs for a short time but reverted back to being a full time vegan which suits me best.
Today March 2020, 7 months after treatments, I feel excellent and my tumor has shrunk quite a bit. I have to thank Dr. Roberts, Dr. Miller and Dr. Jackson who have all put a helping hand into giving me a full month of daily treatments. And the wonderful attentive receptionist who cheered me on each and everyday.
I believe that my cancer was brought on from stress. I am doing a lot of meditation, qigong and yoga now daily which I believe is helping with my healing.
I would go back to see Dr. Roberts again for any future health issues.

Alexia, Seattle, WA


I always thought I was leading a healthy life and just happened to have bad luck with allergies. After going out on a limb and looking for a credible ND I discovered Dr Roberts.  At the time I didn’t know a lot about Naturopathic Medicine other than my benefits covered it.
After seeing Dr Roberts for a month and following her treatment plan which included removing dairy, wheat and a few other items my allergies went away. I could hold my sisters cat and not react. I could eat almonds and not develop hives. I could eat a peach and not get stuffy.  Since 2011 I now love spring!
In 2012 I experienced weird symptoms in my body, suffered an episode of paralysis and was told by countless drs I had a chronic disease. I even had one dr tell me the news wasn’t so bad as he could treat me with Meds costing $24,000 a year which health care would cover and this news didn’t mean I needed to by a ticket to a bridge.
Crying and in disbelief of what happened I explained everything to Dr Roberts at my next appointment.  She was so amazing, supportive and explained what she thought was going on in my body and why.  She then started me on vitamin IV’s.
To this day I see her once a month and follow her advice exactly.  My other MD doctors can’t explain my results and my work colleagues are in shock at how healthy I am. I can now run 5km which I had never been able to do before.  I’ve been seeing Dr Roberts for 6 years and she has changed my life.
My son and husband also see her as do many other friends and family due to my transition.   I don’t know where I would be without her treatment. I know I ask a lot of questions when I see her as I do with any medical professional as I’m in charge of my health and well being and want to know as much as possible.
Thank you Dr Roberts for your approach and treatment as I’m fully able to keep up with my son, something other medical professionals didn’t think would be possible.
A.J., Calgary, AB

BREAST CANCER – Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Stage 2

Last February I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of my left breast.  I did the usual, mammogram, ultrasound & biopsy.

Everything was moving too fast (which I learned it is the way with conventional medicine).  I had a trip to Ireland planned so the surgeon said yes I could go and have surgery when I returned.  I knew very little about cancer treatment at this time.  While I was in Ireland I meet a woman (who posted an article about “The Truth About Cancer”), which I read post-surgery.  I started watching TTAC before I knew my results from the surgeon and turned to my husband and said “No matter what they tell me I am not doing Chemotherapy!”  When I got my results I was stage 2, the tumor was 3 cm and they found cancer in 1 out of 7 lymph nodes.  I still held on to the “No Chemo” mentality.  I did meet with the oncologist who wanted me to have a bone scan & CT scan.  At that time I could only have the bone scan.  I knew in my heart I did not want to go the “usual” route for treatment and while watching TTAC I learned of many other therapies which were successful.  That is when I was told of Dr. Roberts.  I started with her right away.  My bone scan came back clean and I was scheduled for my CT scan.  The oncologist was still urging me to start chemo, radiation and cancer drugs.  I still felt strongly it was wrong for me.  Three months after receiving three different therapies from Dr. Roberts and changing my diet, my CT scan results were in.  No cancer showed up anywhere on my scan!!  It was working!!  Upon receiving this news from the oncologist he actually asked me if I still wanted to proceed with chemo, radiation, & drugs.!!!  Why would I?? 

I feel better than I have in years!  I have not had a cold for almost a year!  My energy is up and no brain fog!  I have lost weight as a side effect (my kind of side effect)!!  The staff have been amazing, a great environment, and great results!  These therapies are life giving, not life depleting.

Dr Roberts helped me to save my life.  Thank you! 

T.M., Calgary, AB


I was diagnosed with breast cancer spring 2011. My oncologist booked me for surgery right away followed by chemo but I made a choice not to go through with conventional treatment. My daughter Cindy was a patient of Dr. Roberts for Celiac disease so she talked to Dr. Roberts if she would treat me for breast cancer. I travelled to Alberta right away and started intensive treatments with Dr. Roberts. My treatments have included IVs , UBI, local hyperthermia, laser, footbaths along with diet plan and supplements. I am so blessed to have been introduced to Dr. Roberts…..it has been an amazing successful experience. I have never felt so good and I always say it feels like going to a spa…..very relaxing and everyone in the office are very helpful and make you feel so welcome. Thank you Dr. Roberts and your amazing staff.

G.W., Alameda, SK


I presented to Dr. Jackson with multiple health challenges including fragile digestive function since my colon was surgically removed many years ago, chronically elevated liver enzymes, low energy, and poor concentration and memory. Dr. Jackson was able to prioritize which of my problems were the most important to manage initially, and objectively recommended dietary and supplemental nutritional therapies based on my symptoms as well as the results of Dark Field Microscopy testing.

Dr. Jackson’s longstanding experience as a naturopathic practitioner is evident in her ability to establish a comprehensive treatment strategy that also includes anticipating those aspects which may need changing depending on my progress.  The benefit of her years of clinical practice shows in her breadth of experience with the many existing medicines available, and staying informed about the latest product developments, when deciding which medicines she thinks will be the most appropriate and cost effective to recommend.  She also takes advantage of the complementary professional skills of her colleagues at ANMC, offering these when she feels they may be of added treatment benefit to her patients.

A very attentive listener, Dr. Jackson was very patient with my reduced concentration and memory during our consultations.  She took the time to ensure that I fully understood the reasons for her treatment recommendations and made herself available to answer any later questions that came up for me as a result of our consultations. Dr. Jackson has a very genuine warm-hearted manner, and has remained optimistic and encouraging to me throughout my care.

Within three months of starting Dr. Jackson’s recommended diet and therapies my elevated liver enzymes are significantly reduced and I have greater daily energy and mental clarity than I ever imagined.  I look forward to continued improvement in my overall health under Dr. Jackson’s extremely capable professional guidance and caring support.

M.T., Calgary, AB


My experience was amazing with Dr. Tory Jackson. I came in because of a shoulder injury that won’t heal as well as digestive, hormonal, and sleep issues. She immediately put me on a eating plan that will eliminate the inflammation that is causing the distress in my body . After looking at my blood and neurological systems we found Chelation for heavy metal toxicity was required. What a positive way to start 2017 . With a real action plan for my wellbeing ?

C.W., Calgary, AB


I have been coming to Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre for a few years.   Dr. Julie Miller is my Naturopathic Doctor.  I count her as one of my most valuable and “trusted” health care professionals that I see.  She is one of my “Go-to Doctors” when I am not feeling well.  She is so kind and caring and professional.  She goes above and beyond in many different ways even with answering emails or even giving me a phone call discussing treatment.  She has worked with me trying to find solutions to my many health issues.  She has never brushed any of it off or made me feel like I am an imposition.  She is personable and respects who I am and my beliefs.  She also values what comes out of my “Conventional Medicine” lab results and considers those results with trying to help me achieve better health.   The rest of the staff are friendly and helpful and have also tried to work with my limited schedule since I live in the Southeast.  The answers and results are not always quick but there definitely have been positive changes in my health since seeing Dr. Miller.  I will continue to make the trek up to see Dr. Miller!

K.P., Calgary, AB


Dr. Roberts is my first doctor of choice and I have gone to her for a few years with different health concerns. I originally went to her for visceral manipulation because I was having acid reflux and digestive issues. This is an amazing treatment and it’s done in her office with great results and benefits. She also suggested different supplements and dietary changes to help improve my issues as well. I have also had heavy metal testing done and treatment for it along with some of the other therapies all with great health results. I am 62 and on no prescription medication which almost no one I know around me can say the same.

Naturopathic medicine is my first choice and I feel lucky to have Dr. Roberts for my doctor this clinic is advanced and I am lucky they are in Calgary.

W.D., Didsbury, AB


Being a generally healthy individual, I had the unfortunate incident of coming down with a serious flu that lasted for a period of 4-5 days. Vomiting, migraine, diarrhea, fever of 103+, hot flashes and chills, severe sweating and no sleep. I wasn’t able to keep any sort of food down and limited liquids. Its needless to say that when I came into Advanced Naturopathic on the 5th day, I was in pretty bad shape. I was given a IV, Meyer’s Cocktail and some liquids. That evening I was able to eat a meal and keep it down (I was starving). By the next day, I was feeling close to 100% better. And by the day after that, I felt better than I have in MONTHS. I wish I had come in earlier, this treatment and this practice is truly a blessing.

M.B, Calgary, AB


I’m feeling so much better now than when I first arrived at Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre (ANMC).  The friendly well-skilled staff are dedicated to my overall well-being and the treatment program I’m receiving has been quite positive.  For me, it is an interactive type of healing process; I am willing to follow the Naturopath’s dietary instructions along with administering her prescribed remedies and supplements.  ANMC’s website has really helpful and interesting content and you can schedule your own appointments.  Although I live in the far SE of Calgary I feel it’s worth the trek to this clinic (which is easy to access and park near Market Mall) and I’ve provided recommendations to my friends who have had their own positive experiences at ANMC.

M.L, Calgary, AB


Over a 14 month period I had:  a cortisone injection for hip pain, then the hip operation; and several months later a knee operation. In conjunction with these operations I had anesthesia administered and took pain killers. Within two weeks of the cortisone injection, my knuckles became swollen and my hands ached which prevented me from having a good night’s sleep. The more drugs I took the more my hands ached and a rash appeared on various parts of my body; I couldn’t garden, volunteer, or play golf.

As I didn’t want to take arthritis pills for an extended period of time for my inflamed knuckles, I approached Dr. Roberts to help me dispel the toxins from my body, which I hypothesized were causing my inflammation; Dr. Roberts agreed with this reasoning. Over several months she systematically tested the efficiency of my organs for dispelling the toxins and prescribed relevant supplements for me to take each month. I added the DASH diet and exercise to the set of solutions, and after about 10 months my inflamed knuckles subsided and my hands stopped aching; (My Rheumatologist declared that my diagnosed Psoriatic/Inflammatory Arthritis was in remission). This positive outcome was achieved primarily due to Dr. Roberts’ holistic and natural-based treatment for which I am grateful.

Dr. K., Calgary, AB


When I had surgery, a year ago, to have a fairly large endometrial cyst removed on one of my ovaries, I was also informed that I had endometrial adhesions and scar tissue spreading across my entire abdominal cavity!

My bowels and bladder had been affected for quite some time in the form of constipation and low bladder capacity. The bladder problem was especially embarrassing during my frequent air travels and a real nuisance when travelling in general.

When I was referred to Dr. Melina Roberts for Visceral Manipulation, I was extremely sceptical as I had already been told by my “specialist ” and my family doctor that nothing could be done to alleviate my condition! Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try since I had nothing to loose and was quite desperate.

Well, I can honestly say that Visceral Manipulation performed by Dr. Roberts has changed my life after only 3 sessions!

By breaking up the adhesions and scar tissue surrounding my bladder and bowels, Dr. Roberts has increased my bladder capacity and bowel flexibility a great deal!

I can now go on a 4-hour flight without trips to the lavatory every 20 minutes. I am no longer afraid of drinking any water before or during a long car ride. Even the people around me have noticed the new (not so bathroom paranoid) me…

Never thought this was possible. Thank you, Dr. Roberts, for giving me my life back !!!!!

Christina, Calgary, AB


I was experiencing some unusual, unexplained symptoms which was causing me a lot of stress and worry. I saw my GP in Toronto about it and I was told to go home and take Advil. It was recommended that I see Dr. Roberts in Calgary.

I travelled to the Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre all the way from Toronto, Ontario since I have not been able to find the same level of advanced naturopathic care being offered in my city. I had also been feeling tired with a lack of energy and some issues with digestion and really wanted some help and advice. I was amazed at Dr. Roberts’ efficient yet comprehensive approach to my concerns both from physical, emotional, and spiritual standpoints. Her treatments were absolutely incredible and I left after two hours with a new sense of calm and focus after our session. Dr Roberts was able to explain why I was having the symptoms with a clear plan of how to treat it. The NeuroViscero Regulation treatment worked wonders with my high level of stress and the vitamin IV and ensuing diet recommendations and supplement treatments were fully explained and made sense to me. Dr. Roberts took the time to explain every step of her processes to me which I appreciated greatly and also to go over options with me when suggesting the elimination of certain foods (such as wheat – one of my staples) from my diet.

I found all of the staff who I dealt with at the centre to be absolutely amazing and I highly recommend the Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre to all in the Calgary area. I only wish that this sort of advanced biological medicine was offered closer to home for me!

S. M., Toronto, ON


Accelerated Recovery from Significant Sport Injury – A Surgeon and IRONMAN Finisher’s Story


Dr. Roberts changed my life!

I had suffered the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for two years before it was finally diagnosed. The treatment recommended was to take Anti-Depressants. The specialist who diagnosed IBS and my GP seemed to think that IBS was caused by depression. I think depression was a result of IBS. Another specialist prescribed medication that would allow me to eat anything, if I could tolerate the side effects. The side effects were intolerable.

The first thing Dr. Roberts did was to eliminate certain foods from my diet. Next, Dr Roberts had blood tests done that indicated the foods that cause my symptoms. As long as I avoid eating those foods and follow her guidelines for managing my IBS I suffer very little from IBS symptoms.

Since seeing Dr Roberts my overall health and well being has improved dramatically.

Rick, Calgary, AB


“Life is more complete when one feels whole and well.”

I am 48 years old and suffer from Crohn’s Colitis, inflammation in the Large and Small bowels, plus a congested liver.

For the past 10 years, I have frequented acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors and taken strong medications for IBD. One wonders after years of these treatments and really no results, we continue them at all.

Sometimes change can be for the better.

After just TWO VISCERAL MANIPULATIONS, performed by Dr. Roberts, on the small and large bowels, my pain level went from a 9 to a ZERO. My bowel movements also become normal. I was absolutely dumbstruck! No pain, No inflammation! Visceral’s gentle touch relaxes my bowels and abdomen, balancing my digestive organs. I could feel the flow; the discomfort absolutely diminished.
As for my congested liver, Dr. Roberts released the pain in my rib cage and lower back (sacrum), to the point where it is not noticeable.”

Derrick, Calgary, AB


“I would like to comment on my visceral therapy with Dr. Roberts.

Visceral Manipulation has had a very positive impact on my digestive tract.

I was having stomach pain frequently without an explanation. It was suggested to go see Dr. Roberts.

After just a few sessions with her soft and gentle approach of visceral therapy she managed to UNSTICK my internal organs creating the proper rhythm in which the body can flow freely again without struggle and pain.

No more abdominal pain, what a relief . . .THANKS Dr. Roberts!!!!!!!”

J. F., Water Valley, AB


In December of ’09 I had a routine blood test done and it revealed that I had a kidney function of 17 Globular Filtration Rate (GFR), dipping to 15 GFR. Numbers for a healthy kidney is over 90. My wife had been seeing Dr. Melina Roberts and spoke very highly of her. She also spoke of the procedure that Dr. Roberts was performing on her – Visceral Manipulation.

At this time I was referred to the Kidney Clinic by the Dept of Internal Medicine and several tests done indicated I had cysts on my kidney and liver. Diagnosis – End Stage Polycystic Kidney Failure, with a goal of receiving a transplant kidney within a year. Following this unexpected news I was sent for the screening tests that are required to be considered for a kidney transplant. At this point I was left feeling helpless & hopeless.

With my wife’s encouragement an appointment was made with Dr. Roberts. Once Dr. Roberts carefully assessed me, Visceral Manipulation was implemented along with a change in diet and supplements for my specific needs.

Within 3 months my GFR was up to 24 – an improvement of 9! In a conversation with the people responsible for transplant suitability they concluded they would just monitor me for 2 months and if my kidney filtration rate stayed the same or improved they would CLOSE MY FILE! I continue to improve, so for now I am off the transplant list!

Thank you Dr. Roberts for Visceral Manipulation and HOPE !

Kevin, Calgary, AB


I have struggled with irritable bowel syndrome for the past twelve years. I would have constipation, bloating and gas for a period of time and then it would switch to diarrhea for a couple days. It was a vicious cycle that my body just didn’t seem able to get out of. I tried every form of therapy and prescription medication that is out there. I had come to accept that this cycle would just be a part of my life.

Within my first couple of appointments for Visceral Manipulation with Dr. Roberts, I was beginning to have regular bowel movements and relief from the constant pain.

I am still currently seeing Dr. Roberts, but we have moved on to other areas of my body such as my kidneys, that has helped to relief my constant back pain, and my chest, that has alleviated some restrictions in my breathing. I feel that Visceral Manipulation is amazing, and has greatly improved my quality of life.

I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone.

V. W., Calgary, AB


The first time I had visceral manipulation on my abdomen in 2010, it was quite tender, but when Dr. Roberts said she had just released some adhesions in my left lower abdomen and that they could be from old surgeries, I knew this was from my ectopic pregnancy surgery in 1974!!

During one of my latest sessions, Dr. Roberts did a fair amount of visceral manipulation around my chest/heart area as it seems I had a lot of scar tissue near my heart. I didnT notice anything immediately, but the next morning upon awakening, my whole world seemed different – as if my perspective of my life had expanded – it’s very hard to put the feeling in words, but the difference was incredible.
My latest session involved more abdominal manipulation which resulted in the most amazing gurgling sounds coming from my abdomen. I have since noticed that my intestinal system seems to be “working better”.

My only regret is that I hadnt discovered this type of therapy a long time ago.

Thank you Dr. Roberts for your kind, compassionate and enlightened care.

J.S., Calgary, AB