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Introducing Dr. Jatish Kaler

WHY DID YOU BECOME A NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR? My name is Dr. Jatish Kaler and I am a naturopathic doctor in Calgary, Alberta. I often get asked, why I became a naturopathic doctor… quite simply  “I became a naturopathic doctor to help people heal naturally” [...]

Introducing Dr. Jatish Kaler 2018-02-22T03:12:19+00:00

I Believe

I believe that the body has an amazing ability to be able to heal itself. So many people don’t realize this. So many people think they have no control over their health. That they are at the whime of their genetics. That they have “bad [...]

I Believe 2018-02-22T02:28:30+00:00

Digestive Enzymes | Prebiotics | Probiotics

Digestive enzymes we produce naturally, but sometimes we don’t produce enough. Digestive enzymes help to break down the foods that we eat. It breaks down molecules into smaller building blocks so that we can effectively absorb these substrates through the lining of the digestive tract. [...]

Digestive Enzymes | Prebiotics | Probiotics 2018-02-08T10:41:44+00:00

Digital Pulsewave Analysis

Age related changes in the arteries are implicated in the development of cardiovascular disease.  These changes promote arterial stiffening which contributes to hypertension.  At the same time, age-related changes also make it easier for fatty deposits to build up on the inside of arteries.  In [...]

Digital Pulsewave Analysis 2018-02-08T10:44:11+00:00

FOUR Problems with Commercial Yogurt

Commercial yogurt use probiotic strains that are easy to manufacture and store in a grocery store but are not natural or clinically effective for humans It’s from cow’s dairy which is inflammatory on the lining of the digestive tract, which does not help with [...]

FOUR Problems with Commercial Yogurt 2018-02-08T10:55:20+00:00

FIVE Reasons Microbiome is Important

About the Human Microbiome There are 10 times as many microbes in the digestive tract than there are human cells in the body About 100 trillion microbes Weigh approximately 3lbs Microbiome is the ecosystem of microbes, colonies of bacteria and fungi that live in our [...]

FIVE Reasons Microbiome is Important 2018-02-08T10:58:12+00:00

What is MSG and what is the problem with it?

MSG (monosodium glutamate or sodium glutamate) is the sodium salt of glutamic acid. It is used in the food industry as a flavor enhancer.  It has very little taste itself, but it affects our taste and has the ability to make our foods taste better. MSG [...]

What is MSG and what is the problem with it? 2018-02-08T10:55:38+00:00

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

This therapy involves administering vitamins, minerals and homeopathics directly into the circulatory system for a rapid therapeutic effect. The intravenous route can achieve high serum concentrations that increases the absorptive capacity by about 10-20 fold which cannot be attained with the oral route.  These nutrients [...]

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy 2018-02-08T10:55:44+00:00

TEN Reasons Exercise is Important

Exercise has numerous benefits to our health and is vital for obtaining optimal health.  Exercise is one of the foundations of health.  Our bodies were designed to move, we were not designed to have these sedentary lifestyles, where we sit at our desks and our [...]

TEN Reasons Exercise is Important 2018-02-08T10:55:50+00:00

THREE Problems with Aspartame

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener used in most diet drinks, chewing gum, tabletop sweeteners, juices, yogurts and numerous products that claim to be “sugar-free”.  It is one of the main sugar substitutes used by people with diabetes.  It is considered a safe food additive for [...]

THREE Problems with Aspartame 2018-02-08T11:03:26+00:00
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