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Grains and Fungal Overgrowths

What is the connection between grains and fungal overgrowths? When we consume grains they down into sugars rapidly. As soon as we consume grains, we have an increase in blood sugars. Within our digestive tract we have an ecosystem of fungi and bacteria that [...]

Grains and Fungal Overgrowths2021-06-21T02:29:58+00:00

Benefits of High Dose Vitamin C IVs

Let’s talk about why high dose vitamin C is beneficial. When vitamin C is administered at a high level, above a certain threshold, it goes from being an anti-oxidant to a pro-oxidant. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid as a pro-oxidant creates hydrogen peroxide extracellularly, [...]

Benefits of High Dose Vitamin C IVs2021-06-15T03:18:49+00:00

Hidden Places You May Find Industrial Oils

Hidden places for Industrial Oils….even when you think you are eating health!! Here are some hidden places that you can find industrial oils. Industrial oils are the oils that cause inflammation in the body and we shouldn’t be consuming. There are hidden places we [...]

Hidden Places You May Find Industrial Oils2021-06-07T03:07:51+00:00

FLOWpresso Therapy

I’m excited to introduce a new therapy we have at our clinic called FLOWpresso. FLOWpresso helps the body to regain balance, restore health and help to shift the body into a better state of health. FLOWpresso helps to improve lymphatic drainage. This is such [...]

FLOWpresso Therapy2021-05-31T04:21:42+00:00

Pairing vitamin D3 & vitamin K2

Let’s talk about why vitamin D3 should always be paired with vitamin K2. This is really important information as more people are starting to understand the importance of supplementing with vitamin D3. Especially if you are not getting enough exposure to the sun, like [...]

Pairing vitamin D3 & vitamin K22021-05-25T03:24:46+00:00

Grains and Insulin Resistance

What is the connection between grains and insulin resistance? Insulin resistance means that the hormone insulin, when it is in the insulin receptor sites on the cell membranes, that they cannot easily allow the glucose or sugar to move into the cells to make [...]

Grains and Insulin Resistance2021-05-17T02:22:53+00:00

Vegetable Oils and Cell Membranes

What is the connection between consuming “vegetable” oils and cell membranes? We call them “vegetable” oils, which makes many people think that they are these healthy fats that we should be consuming. Vegetable oils are actually industrial oils, that have been manipulated and changed [...]

Vegetable Oils and Cell Membranes2021-05-10T02:10:55+00:00

A1 vs A2 Cow’s Dairy

What is the difference between casein A1 and casein A2? A question I often get asked by my patients or at my public talks is the whether it is okay to consume casein A2 dairy or what are my thoughts on A1 vs A2 [...]

A1 vs A2 Cow’s Dairy2021-05-03T03:40:49+00:00

Are You Addicted to Cow’s Dairy?

Cow’s dairy has an addictive component to it. Cow’s dairy is a food that I typically have my patients avoid. Often when I’m telling patients to avoid cow’s dairy, they have a difficult time with this. I will tell you the science behind cow’s [...]

Are You Addicted to Cow’s Dairy?2021-04-26T03:07:01+00:00

Why you may be ADDICTED to GLUTEN

I want to talk about the addictive component of gluten and why you may be addicted to gluten. When patients come into my clinic, one of my first recommendations is that they avoid gluten. There are a number of different problems with gluten, but [...]

Why you may be ADDICTED to GLUTEN2021-04-12T18:18:52+00:00
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