Best Forms of Iron Supplements

There are TWO main differences in iron supplements and this can explain why some work better than others. Synthetic vs Natural source Tablet vs Liquid Ideally, we need iron supplements from a natural source, therefore our body can recognize it and assimilate it easily [...]

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THREE Benefits of Deep Breathing Exercises

Improve Lung function. Using full lung capacity. We tend to breath with our upper lobes and shallow breath, deep breathing helps us to use our full lung capacity. It helps to retrain us to breathe with our entire lungs. Shift body into Parasympathetic Nervous [...]

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Do we get enough iodine from iodized salt?

Iodized salt contains 77g of iodine per gram of salt. The average American consumes 4-10grams of salt per day. The bioavailability of iodized salt is about 10%, therefore iodized salt provides between 30-77g/d and the RDA is 150g/d. Our tissues actually require about 6-50mg [...]

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Are Beans Healthy?

Positive aspects of beans Beans are dried seeds. Seeds contain everything necessary for new life, therefore they are rich in nutrients. They are high in fibre, this feeds the healthy bacteria in the gut. They are less expensive. They are easier on the environment [...]

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SIX Foods to Support Liver Function

Brassica family (cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kale) – increase Phase I and II liver enzymes Lemons –  stimulates liver function Turmeric – increases liver detox, decrease inflammation Dandelion – enhances the flow of bile Artichoke – increases the excretion of bile from the [...]

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Full Body Hyperthermia

Full Body Hyperthermia raises the temperature of the entire body and allows the body to systematically target abnormal cells and pathogens. The patient is in an insulated chamber that uses infrared frequencies to generate heat. The patient’s body is heated to 38.5°C. The head [...]

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Does Iodine Deficiency Only Happen in Third World Countries?

No, iodine deficiency does not only occur in third world countries. We are seeing an increase in iodine deficiency in developed countries. The largest sources of iodine is in sea vegetables and ocean fish, therefore diets lacking in seafood can lead to iodine deficiency. [...]

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Is All Sugar Bad?

Many people say “sugar is sugar” in the body, it all acts the same way no matter what kind of sugar you consume. This is a myth that I’d like to dispute. There’s a scale called the Glycemic Index and this is a scale [...]

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FOUR Benefits of Iodine

Improves thyroid and all endocrine gland function. Tissues that utilize iodine: thyroid, adrenal glands, breast, prostate gland, thymus, ovaries, hypothalamus, pituitary gland, GI tract, bones, connective tissue. Thyroid hormones are T3 and T4 which refers to the number of iodine atoms the hormone contains. [...]

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