Heart Health and Insulin Resistance

Let’s talk about the connection between heart health and insulin resistance. Many people don’t put that connection together and I think it is important to understand that we need to be treating insulin resistance when we are looking at heart health. Most people think [...]

Heart Health and Insulin Resistance2024-07-15T03:00:35+00:00

Salt Blood Pressure Connection

Let’s talk about the salt-blood pressure connection! The original philosophy on the Salt Blood Pressure connection was that high amounts of salt lead to an increase in blood pressure. If we have high amounts of salt, our body will retain more fluids in order [...]

Salt Blood Pressure Connection2024-04-22T03:11:55+00:00

TWO Ingredients to make Brain Optimization Program Successful

TWO Ingredients to make the Brain Optimization program successful Open-minded to a different approach – it is very different than talk therapy, counselling, seeing a psychologist. Feel safe in the session

TWO Ingredients to make Brain Optimization Program Successful2024-03-11T19:50:10+00:00

The Truth about the Birth Control Pill

Let’s talk about the birth control pill! I’ll start off the conversation with saying that I believe all woman should have access to birth control. The birth control pill is an effective contraceptive, it is effective at preventing pregnancy. I also believe in informed [...]

The Truth about the Birth Control Pill2024-02-05T04:37:32+00:00

NINE Signs you Need More SALT

We’ve become afraid of salt which leads to many people having low salt diets. We actually need salt in our diets in order for our bodies to function optimally. Cold extremities Dark urine Decrease skin turgor Decrease urine output Dry axilla and tongue Poor [...]

NINE Signs you Need More SALT2024-01-16T18:28:17+00:00

FIVE Factors that need to be in place to Balance our Hormones

We can test hormones and see where the hormones are at but if we don’t have these five factors in place then we can take all the supplements, or synthetic or bioidentical hormones and we are not working on these five factors then we [...]

FIVE Factors that need to be in place to Balance our Hormones2023-12-11T04:12:57+00:00

8 Components to Create an Ecosystem of Health in the Body

The summer before heading into high school, I was celebrating my 14th birthday with my friends by my pool in my backyard. I confidently wore my swimsuit, feeling the warmth of the sun on my exposed skin. It was so smooth. Kind of incredible [...]

8 Components to Create an Ecosystem of Health in the Body2023-12-08T01:20:26+00:00

Fatty Liver – Fructose Connection

Let’s talk about fatty liver disease and fructose. Let’s start with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It happens when a person consumes little to no alcohol and they still have a fatty liver. So, fat accumulates within their liver cells. This affects about a quarter [...]

Fatty Liver – Fructose Connection2023-11-27T00:18:47+00:00

UBI-Ozone IV Therapy

Let’s talk about UBI-Ozone IV therapy. We often pair these therapies together because it works so well together. Let’s go through the benefits of pairing these oxidative therapies together. This therapy helps to balance the immune system. In autoimmune conditions it helps to quiet [...]

UBI-Ozone IV Therapy2023-11-11T18:12:47+00:00

FIVE Things Salt Prevents

We have been fed a lie that salt is bad. Our bodies actually NEED salt. Here are the FIVE Things that SALT Consumption prevents: Dehydration low blood pressure dizziness falls cognitive impairment

FIVE Things Salt Prevents2023-10-02T01:45:54+00:00
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