THREE Ways to Improve Our Immune System

Eating clean, healthy, nutrient-dense foods. Avoiding inflammatory foods including wheat, cow’s dairy and refined sugar. Eating lot of vegetables, healthy fats and small amounts of clean proteins. Support Detoxification. Drink filtered water. Eat high fiber foods like green leafy vegetables to move toxins out [...]

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What is SIBO?

What is SIBO and how to recognize some of the symptoms of SIBO? SIBO is Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. The first part of the small intestines is the duodenum, where we absorb our minerals. The second part of the small intestines is the jejunum, [...]

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Bile Microbiome Connection

Bile-Microbiome Connection Bile increases survival rates of good bacteria in your colon while suppressing the bad bacteria Pathogenic bacteria convert bile acids into toxic compound lithocholate, which interferes with your liver’s ability to convert cholesterol into bile acids, driving up cholesterol Probiotics increases bile [...]

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FIVE Benefits of Eating Green Veggies

FIVE Benefits of eating your green vegetables Most bioavailable form on calcium Alkalinizes the body due to high mineral content Increases minerals needs for every biochemical reaction in the body Great form of fibre to feed healthy bacteria (prebiotics) and improve BMs High nutrient [...]

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THREE Benefits of Fibre

Benefits of Fibre: Feeds the healthy gut flora. Building a healthy microbiome. Prebiotics. Binds toxins in gut and helps carry them out of the body. Without enough fibre, toxins are reabsorbed. Sponges up toxins in the digestive tract. Helps to improve bowel movements. Roughage [...]

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