1. Eating clean, healthy, nutrient-dense foods. Avoiding inflammatory foods including wheat, cow’s dairy and refined sugar. Eating lot of vegetables, healthy fats and small amounts of clean proteins.
  2. Support Detoxification. Drink filtered water. Eat high fiber foods like green leafy vegetables to move toxins out of the body. Take binding agents like chlorella and activated charcoal – Chlorella supplies the body with essential amino acids, essential minerals, essential nutrients and even omega-3 fats and binds toxins and heavy metals. Get quality sleep – sleeping hours is when your body does most of its detoxification and healing. Sweating by exercising or movement or Infrared saunas – sweat toxins out of the body.
  3. Avoid stress. Mediate, relax, go for walks outdoors (also a great way to get natural vitamin D which is vital for improving the immune system), deep breathing exercises, gratitude practice.