Do we need SALT

Do we, as humans, need salt? The truth is that our body’s do need salt. Salt has always played a functional role in human health. Our cells are bathed in a salty fluid. Salt is needed to maintain the optimal amount of blood in [...]

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Fats and Bones

What is the connection between consuming dietary fats and bone health? There are a number of woman that are concerned about bone health and they often do not see the connection between needing to increase fat consumption to promote their bone health. Many women [...]

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FIVE Benefits of Eating Green Veggies

FIVE Benefits of eating your green vegetables Most bioavailable form on calcium Alkalinizes the body due to high mineral content Increases minerals needs for every biochemical reaction in the body Great form of fibre to feed healthy bacteria (prebiotics) and improve BMs High nutrient [...]

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Problems with Conventional Approach to Osteoporosis

The problem with estrogen therapy and anti-osteoporosis drugs is that negates the mechanisms of bone remodelling.  Estrogen can slow down the progression of osteoporosis but cannot cause new bone growth.  Estrogen and anti-osteoporosis drugs inhibits the important process of breaking down old and damaged [...]

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SIX Disruptive Effects of Heavy Metals

One major stressor on the body can be heavy metals. In our modern world, our environment, food, and water regularly expose us to these toxic metals which, over time, accumulate in our bodies and negatively impact normal cellular function. Heavy metal toxicity is an [...]

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NINE Tips to Improve Bone Health

Are you worried about osteoporosis, osteopenia, bone health or broken bones? We need to understand that bones are living substances; they are one of the most active tissues in the body and are continuously breaking down and rebuilding itself. For bone health: Avoid acidic foods: [...]

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SIX Benefits of Body Composition Analyzer Testing

The Body Composition Analyzer (BCM) is non-invasive and most advanced of its technology, clinically proven to be accurate, reliable and provide highly repeatable results. This is a useful tool for accessing health as the health of the body is closely equated to body composition. The [...]

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Cow’s Dairy and Bone Health

Is cow’s dairy important for bone health? The western world is the highest consumer of cows dairy and has the highest rates of osteoporosis. Body needs to maintain its pH in a very tight range. When we are consuming more acidic foods, such as wheat, [...]

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FIVE Calcium Rich Foods

When I recommend that patients avoid cow’s dairy in their diet, one of the most common questions I get asked is “how will I get my calcium?” The most bioavailable, how much our body absorbs of that nutrient, forms of calcium are from food sources [...]

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