What is the Problem with Blue Light?

We’ve been hearing a lot more about blue light and I want to talk about, first of all, what is blue light? We get expose to blue light from the sun, from technology including TV, computers, laptops, tablets, phones, also from fluorescent lights, and [...]

What is the Problem with Blue Light?2023-04-24T02:21:00+00:00

Normal TSH Does Not Mean Normal Thyroid Function

A normal TSH reading in your blood work, does not mean that your thyroid is functioning properly. There can be a number of reasons for this, but I want to go through one of the scenarios that I see frequently in my practice. This [...]

Normal TSH Does Not Mean Normal Thyroid Function2022-04-09T15:09:27+00:00

Salivary Hormone Testing

Let’s talk about Salivary Hormone Testing. Hormones will pass into the saliva from the cell membranes of the salivary glands. This means that the hormones move from the salivary gland tissues into the saliva. This means that the saliva hormone levels measure the delivery [...]

Salivary Hormone Testing2022-02-22T04:21:05+00:00

FIVE Tactics to Improve Insulin Resistance

First of all, what is insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is when our cells’ insulin receptors are not sensitive to insulin that is released from the pancreas in response to glucose or sugar, then they cannot allow glucose into the cells to make ATP or [...]

FIVE Tactics to Improve Insulin Resistance2021-09-13T01:06:35+00:00

Thyroid Function and Synthetic Estrogens

What is the connection between thyroid function and synthetic estrogens? The thyroid plays an important role in terms of regulating the temperature of every cell in our body. Therefore it sets up the metabolism of every cell in the body. Every cell in our [...]

Thyroid Function and Synthetic Estrogens2021-09-03T15:25:08+00:00

Fats and Bones

What is the connection between consuming dietary fats and bone health? There are a number of woman that are concerned about bone health and they often do not see the connection between needing to increase fat consumption to promote their bone health. Many women [...]

Fats and Bones2021-09-03T15:25:24+00:00

Phyto-hormones vs Synthetic Hormones

Phyto-Hormones are from plants that exhibit hormone-like properties. They will have a weak effect on hormone receptors. Synthetic hormones are man-made chemicals that have hormone-like properties. They will have a strong effect on hormone receptors, even stronger than natural hormones. They will move into [...]

Phyto-hormones vs Synthetic Hormones2021-09-03T15:27:07+00:00

Hormone Testing: Serum VS Salivary VS Urine

Hormone testing specifically the sex hormones including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and distinguishing between serum (blood) vs. saliva vs urine tests. Serum (blood): for sex hormones there is no distinction in serum between bound and unbound (free) hormones. It can be misleading in which hormone [...]

Hormone Testing: Serum VS Salivary VS Urine2019-11-19T17:48:39+00:00

Hormone Cell Membrane Connection

I want to talk about a concept regarding hormonal balancing that is typically forgotten or ignored. Many people experience hormonal imbalances from female hormones being out of balance such as irregular menses, hot flashes, night sweats; to their thyroid being out of balance; to [...]

Hormone Cell Membrane Connection2019-11-05T03:54:12+00:00

Female Hormonal Balance

Many people think that as they age their energy will decrease, their metabolism will slow down, they will lose their libido. These are all just signs that the hormones are out of balance. I ask patients about their periods. Are they a regular cycle, [...]

Female Hormonal Balance2019-08-19T14:15:40+00:00
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