Zinc and Copper

Right now a lot of people are taking a high amount of zinc, which helps to support our immune function. If we take high amounts of zinc over a long period of time what can happen is that zinc can start to deplete our [...]

Zinc and Copper2022-01-18T03:25:53+00:00

Never Getting Sick Isn’t Necessarily Healthy

Have you ever heard someone say, ‘I’m so healthy I never get sick.’? Let’s talk a little bit more about this because a person who never gets sick isn’t necessarily a good thing. Sometimes what can be happening when a person never gets sick [...]

Never Getting Sick Isn’t Necessarily Healthy2022-01-04T03:35:43+00:00

Suppressing Fevers can lead to Chronic Disease

Suppressing fevers can leave you more susceptible to chronic disease in the future. People often see fevers as problematic, especially fevers in children. As soon as they see the fever, they get nervous and start to suppress the fever, by giving them fever-reducers when [...]

Suppressing Fevers can lead to Chronic Disease2021-12-13T04:14:43+00:00

Gut-Immune Connection

Let’s talk about the gut-immune connection! I think it’s important to understand that what we are eating can largely affect our immune system. About 80% of our immune system is actually housed in our gut. So how we are feeding our body can greatly [...]

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Is It Healthy to Get Sick?

It can be a healthy response for our body’s to be sick. If we get food poisoning, when that comes into the body, our body will try to get rid of that infectious agent by causing vomiting and diarrhea. This is a healthy immune [...]

Is It Healthy to Get Sick?2021-11-29T02:59:20+00:00

Our Immune System is Our Protection

What tends to happen in our society is that we blame other people for our own immune system. I was on a plane or a train and I caught a cold from them; or I was in class and there was someone else who [...]

Our Immune System is Our Protection2021-11-22T03:13:08+00:00

Getting Sick is Exercise for your Immune System

Getting an infection and your immune system having to mount a response and your body having to fight off that infection is exercise for your immune system. It will actually make your immune system stronger. And when your body fights off that infection with [...]

Getting Sick is Exercise for your Immune System2021-11-15T04:17:16+00:00

Redefining our Definition of HEALTH

Let’s talk about the definition of health. Most people define health as the absence of disease. Another way that people are defining health is by the way a person physically looks. The way I define health is about adaptability. How well does your body [...]

Redefining our Definition of HEALTH2021-11-09T04:03:58+00:00

PEMF Therapy

Let’s talk about PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy. This therapy has been equated to hooking all of your cells up to jumper cable and jump starting the cellular energy in all of our cells. All of our cells are like little capacitors, they hold [...]

PEMF Therapy2021-10-25T01:49:03+00:00

What is the Problem with Pork

Pork or pig is biologically similar to human meat. This is why we can do a pig heart valve transplants in humans because the tissues are compatible with little risk of rejection by our immune systems. Now when we consume pork it elicits an immune [...]

What is the Problem with Pork2021-10-17T23:37:54+00:00
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