What is the connection between thyroid function and synthetic estrogens?

The thyroid plays an important role in terms of regulating the temperature of every cell in our body. Therefore it sets up the metabolism of every cell in the body. Every cell in our body has biochemical reactions that happen within those cells and they need a certain temperature for those reactions to go through to completion.

Synthetic estrogens can interfere in the function of thyroid hormones. When we have high amounts of synthetic estrogens in the body, those synthetic estrogens act as antagonists to the thyroid hormones. Therefore they can turn off your thyroid hormones.

The way we can be taking in some of these synthetic hormones can be from taking synthetic hormones in the form of hormone replacement therapy of the birth control pill, or having consuming animal proteins that have been injected with hormones, or pesticides that has been sprayed on our grains, vegetables or fruits have estrogen-like properties.

When the thyroid is not functioning well we can see a decrease in metabolism, increase in weight, increase in blood pressure. These are all signs that the thyroid may not be functioning optimally.