What is the connection between consuming dietary fats and bone health?

There are a number of woman that are concerned about bone health and they often do not see the connection between needing to increase fat consumption to promote their bone health. Many women are still falling for the old philosophy of having a low-fat diet, thinking that eating fats will make them fat. The low-fat diet is actually detrimental to building bones and having good bone health. We need to abandon the concept that a low-fat diet is healthy for us. We need to switch our mindset that consuming fat in the diet is actually going to be helping to improve the health of our body.

Fats are actually the building blocks of all of our hormones. There is a class of fats called steroids. Then these steroids are the building blocks of our hormones and that building block is cholesterol. From a biochemical point of view, steroids are four linked carbon rings.

There are a number of hormones that play a role in how our bones grow, remodel and formed. Growth hormone drives the growth of our bones. Parathyroid hormones that drives the activity and number of osteoblasts and osteoblasts help to build our bones. Estrogen which is needed for the maturation of the skeleton. Calcitriol is needed for the proper deposition of calcium into the bones.

We have a number of hormones that play a critical role in how our bones are matured, remodelled, and developed.

If we don’t have enough fats as a building block of our hormones that drive the maturation, remodeling, and formation of bones, then we won’t have strong, healthy bones.

This is the connection between consuming good, healthy fats and having strong, healthy bones.