Athlete Program

Optimizing Performance

We are all trying to achieve our best.  Whether it’s our personal best or winning a competition, all athletes want to be competing at their peak performance.  In order for this to occur, our bodies need to be operating at optimal capacity.  Like a high performance vehicle, every system of the body needs to be able to function without any disruptions.

We need to be providing our bodies with the proper fuels for optimal efficiency.  You need foods that your body can breakdown efficiently, easily assimilate into useful energy for the body and then effortlessly eliminate what is not useful.

We have an electrical system that goes throughout our body and runs every system in our body.  This electrical system is called the nervous system.  One part of the nervous system called the Autonomic Nervous System, functions without our conscious awareness.  It controls our breathing, our heart rate, our blood pressure, our digestion.  This system works best when there are no kinks or disruptions to the electrical flow.

Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre uses specific tests and techniques to evaluate the electrical system called our autonomic nervous system and the stresses or disruptions on the nervous system.  Specific therapies are used to take the stresses off of the nervous system, thus allowing the electrical system in our bodies to function properly like a well-wired computer with complex systems that must work synergistically together.

Often high performance athletes are using their energy stores at such an accelerated pace; they need extra support to optimize their biochemistry.  This can often be accomplished through specific high quality supplements or vitamin infusions.

The naturopathic doctors at Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre actively work with you to help you optimize your performance and have your body operating with the precision of a finely tuned machine.

1. Initial Consultation Preparation

To prepare for your Initial Consultation please complete our Patient Intake Form either online or printed form.

The Intake Form gives the doctor a tremendous amount of information that will become the basis of conversation during your Initial Consultation. Following this in-depth overview of your current health state and health history, the doctor will do a general non-invasive physical exam.

2. Initial Consultation, plus Darkfield Microscopy, Heart Rate Variability,  and Body Composition Analyzer.

I. Initial Consultation – to assess current health concerns and past health history.

II. Darkfield Microscopy – allows us to evaluate your body’s internal environment.
III. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) – allows us to evaluate the autonomic nerve system and your body’s ability to handle stresses and self-heal.
IV. Body Composition Analyzer – total body and segmental fat mass, lean mass, intracellular and extracellular water weight, hydration, percentage of visceral fat, bone mass; all of which allows us to accurately track progress

3. Treatment Plan:

I. Diet Plan:
There are some basic rules, but in general this perfect formula for what works best for your individual body is different for everyone based on their metabolism and unique biochemistry.  The basic rules are to avoid the inflammatory foods.  These foods take up more time and energy to metabolize, stay in your gut space longer and take energy away from more useful systems such as supporting muscles and making hormones.   Inflammatory foods include wheat, cow’s dairy, white refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

II. Supplement Plan:
Based on the results of your tests, we will come up with a supplement plan to remove stressors, balance organs and optimize your biochemistry.

III. Vitamin IVs:
Many athletes benefit from vitamin IVs since they use up energy stores at an accelerated pace, therefore vitamin IVs can be helpful for rebuilding the system, recovering quicker and supporting adrenal function.

IV. Follow-up visits monthly to track progress and ensure you are on the right path.

Potential Additional Testing: