Irritable Bowel Syndrome Program

This IBS Program is for intensive gut healing and rejuvenation and involves comprehensive testing and proven therapies to promote optimal functioning of the digestive tract.

Our approach is to gain an in-depth understanding of why you are struggling with digestive issues.

Our program focuses on decreasing the inflammation in the digestive tract by eliminating the cause of inflammation, healing the intestinal lining and re-establishing the proper function of the digestive tract.

1. Initial Consultation Preparation

To prepare for your Initial Consultation please print and complete our IBS Patient Intake Form. You will bring your completed Intake Form to your Initial Consultation with the doctor.

The Intake Form gives the doctor a tremendous amount of information that will become the basis of conversation during your Initial Consultation. Following this in-depth overview of your current health state and health history, the doctor will do a general non-invasive physical exam.

2. Initial Consultation, plus Darkfield Microscopy and HRV

I. Initial Consultation to understand your current health condition and past health history.

II. Darkfield Microscopy – allows us to evaluate your body’s internal environment.

III. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) – allows us to evaluate the autonomic nerve system and your body’s ability to handle stresses, digest foods and self-heal.

3. Treatment Plan:

  • Vitamin IVs are done weekly to bypass the compromised digestive tract, to ensure the absorption of certain nutrients and stimulate more rapid healing in the body.
  • Supplements and nutritional guidelines will be part of the program to decrease the inflammation in the gut and heal the mucous membranes of the digestive tract.
  • Follow-up visits are scheduled at 6 and 12 weeks to track progress and make the necessary changes to ensure success.

Possible Additional Testing:

  • Electrodermal Screening – allows us to assess the viability of all the organs.
  • NeuroViscero Regulation Assessment – allows us to determine what is stressing the body and inhibiting proper regulation. Neuro-Viscero Regulation Therapy is done once a week to remove the causes of inflammation.
  • Visceral Manipulation Assessment – allows us to assess the mobility of your organs. Visceral manipulation therapy is used to release adhesions caused by inflammation and allow better movement and function of the bowels. Visceral manipulation therapy is done once a week for 6 weeks.