1. Improve Lung function. Using full lung capacity. We tend to breath with our upper lobes and shallow breath, deep breathing helps us to use our full lung capacity. It helps to retrain us to breathe with our entire lungs.
  2. Shift body into Parasympathetic Nervous System state. Decreases stress in the body. Helps the body to relax where it can rest, digest, repair and detoxify.
  3. Increase oxygenation of cells. Every cell in our body needs oxygen to function and supports proper aerobic metabolism. When we don’t have enough oxygen getting to our cells this leads to cellular dysfunction and can also lead to anaerobic metabolism which is a type of metabolism that cancer cells and other chronic infections thrive in. Breathing influences the pH of the blood. If the body is too acidic, which often occurs when there is inflammation in the body from eating the processed foods, refined sugar, wheat, cow’s dairy, increased toxins; by improving proper breathing then we can help to shift the pH of the body to be more alkaline.