Autoimmune Program

Autoimmune conditions includes rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, celiac disease, thyroid disease, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.
Autoimmune disease means that the body is having a difficult time being able to decipher self from non-self.  Our immune system is our internal protection against invaders.  This internal system needs to be able to clearly distinguish self from non-self, in order to know what it will let in and what it needs to attack.  In people with autoimmune disease, their body is trying to fight some sort of stressor(s) that is causing chronic, systemic inflammation.

There will be different stressors such as an infectious agent like a virus, bacteria, fungi or parasites, food intolerances, heavy metals and/or environmental toxins that cause inflammation and elicit an immune response, calling on the immune system to come clear this unwanted substance. What happens is that there is so much inflammation, so many fires that the immune system needs to put out, that the immune system becomes overloaded and does not function properly.  It loses its ability to properly decipher self from non-self, which results in the body attacking its own tissues.

All autoimmune disease has this same biochemical process, a challenged immune system due to chronic inflammation that cannot decipher self from non-self.

The biological medicine approach is to identify what stressors are causing the inflammation, then remove those stressors, while healing up the damage from the chronic inflammation.

When you reduce the load on the immune system, you allow it to function better, which allows it to reprogram itself to have the ability to decipher self from non-self.

1. Initial Consultation Preparation

To prepare for your Initial Consultation please complete our Patient Intake Form either online or printed form.

The Intake Form gives the doctor a tremendous amount of information that will become the basis of conversation during your Initial Consultation. Following this in-depth overview of your current health state and health history, the doctor will do a general non-invasive physical exam.

2. Initial Consultation, plus Darkfield Microscopy, and Whole Body Regulation Thermography

I. Initial Consultation – to assess current health concerns and past health history.

II. Darkfield Microscopy – allows us to evaluate your body’s internal environment.

III. Whole Body Regulation Thermography – a method of measuring the thermal regulation of internal organs.

3. Treatment Plan:

I. Plan depends on the stressors that were identified.

II. Supplement Plan:
Based on the results of your tests, we will come up with a supplement plan to remove stressors, balance organs and optimize your biochemistry.

III. Follow-up visits monthly to track progress and ensure you are on the right path.

Possible Additional Testing