I have had patients say that they really struggle to drink enough water even though they understand that it’s good for them.

Here are some tactics to help you to drink more water:

  1. Always have a water bottle (glass or stainless steel) on you. Either walk around with it, or if you have a desk job then have the water bottle on your desk. It acts as a constant reminder to drink more water.
  2. Switch it up. Have water and herbal teas throughout the day. Both count as your water intake.
  3. Add some variety. Infuse your water with cucumber or mint or fruits. Adds some flavour without the chemicals.
  4. Timer Reminder. Put a timer on your phone that reminds you every 20mins to drink water.
  5. Set a goal. For those goal oriented people. Decide that you are going to drink 5 refills of your water bottle. I like to refill the same water bottle throughout the day so that I can track how much water I’m drinking. For example, I need to refill this bottle 5 times throughout the day to be drinking my optimal water consumption.