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Metabolic Sabotage: Four Hormone Imbalances that can Block your Weight Loss Efforts

By: Dr. Julie Miller

Featured in Amber Approved Magazine Mar/Apr 2015 Issue pg 18-19

Tips for Those Newly Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

By: Dr. Melina Roberts

Featured in Amber Approved Magazine May/June 2015 Issue pg 16-17

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Cortisone Injection VERSUS Prolotherapy?


prolotherapyA cortisone injection reduces inflammation and patients will experience immediate relief of pain BUT will have no long-term benefits. You will likely do more damage to the joint as the pain receptors in the joint are shut down therefore you will not be alerted to stop movement due to pain.

With a prolotherapy injection, we are stimulating the healing cascade, therefore there is typically increased inflammation and potentially pain with the injection and approximately 24hrs following the injection, but healing is initiated therefore there will be a long-term benefit of a stronger joint. Therefore a prolotherapy injection is short-term pain with long-term gain.

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Curried Butternut Squash and Cashew Soup (Dairy-free)

Contributed by Dr. Tory Jackson


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