Is there a problem with soy?


Is there a problem with soy?There was research on soy approximately 30 years ago, that evaluated at the health of Asian population and questioned why the Asian population was healthier and free of many common diseases seen in the Western world.  One of the conclusions that they came was due to the soy in their diet that was not commonly seen in the Western diet that made the big difference.  So the Western world started to consume soy in all different forms and in true Western fashion, consumed it in large amounts.  With the increased demand came an agriculture business that needed to keep up with the high demand and begin to make higher yields in shorter periods of time and thus came fertilizers and genetically modified sources to aid in meeting this demand.  Unfortunately now in the 21st century, most of our soy sources are genetically modified and chemically-laden. The truth is that the Asian populations consumed small amounts of soy that is fermented (like miso and tempeh) and non-genetically modified sources.