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Biotoxin Illness – Mold is often the culprit


Biotoxins are chemicals that are made by chronic infections and mold.  Biotoxins are fat soluble, which means they can be transported anywhere within the body, including the brain.  The body responds to biotoxins by releasing inflammatory cytokines.  The inflammation created in response to biotoxins is often responsible for migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, anxiety, muscle & joint pain, various neuropathies and digestive symptoms.

Because biotoxins are fat soluble, they are able to cross the blood-brain-barrier and stimulate inflammation inside the brain.  A test has been developed that can quickly assess irritation of the optic nerve, which is often associated with biotoxin illness.  This test is called a Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test (VCS test).  It is an inexpensive test that can be done online within 20 minutes.  Failure of the test is highly correlated with a biotoxin illness.

Although biotoxins can come from both chronic infections and mold exposure, the most likely source of exposure outside of a biting insect is mold toxin coming from somewhere in the environment.  The statistics out of the US show that 1 in 2 buildings are water damaged.  The likelihood that a person has been exposed to mold is fairly high.  Some people mistakenly think that because they cannot smell a musty odor in their homes, vehicles or work that they are not being exposed.  Mycotoxins (biotoxins from mold) are odorless.

If there has been water damage to any building you spend time in and you are suffering from chronic illness, then urine mycotoxin testing is imperative.  A sample of urine is collected and sent to a lab to assess for the presence of mycotoxins.  If there are mycotoxins in the urine, we know that there is a source of mold exposure somewhere is a person’s life and that is the likely source of inflammation within their body.

With 1 out of 2 buildings having water damage, mycotoxin exposure is a missed cause of much of the chronic illness being experienced today.  We are also seeing that mold exposure is the obstacle that is preventing people from recovering from other known illnesses such as Lyme disease.  Any mystery illness or illness that is not responding to the normal treatment could have a mold component.

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