Healthy and Active Metabolism Program


Healthy and Active Metabolism ProgramWith the New Year here, many people are making their new year’s resolution.   Many of us start the year with the motivated goal of wanting to lose weight, but as the year goes on many people give up on their goals and are disappointed by the results.  Did you know that 50% of people fail at their diet attempts?  At first many diets seem to work, but you canT seem to maintain the diet or maintain the weight loss.  Many dietary plans focus on caloric intake and disregard food quality and underlying metabolic dysfunction.  Most diets rely on the simple assumption that we are all the same and require the same foods.

The Healthy and Active Program sets you up for success and positive results.  This is a program that re-establishes an individual’s metabolism using foods that specifically work with your metabolism.  When your metabolism is in balance then weight loss is a natural side effect.  You become healthier when you are eating the foods that work for you, instead of eating foods that work against your body.

The Healthy and Active Metabolism Program is an individualized program based on an extensive analyze of 42 different blood values that is tailored to meet your physiological needs.   It treats the underlying imbalances that prevent unsuccessful fat loss.  It supports and monitors healthy body composition change:  fat loss vs weight loss.  This is a program that encourages therapeutic lifestyle changes.

This is a paradigm shift.  Instead of focusing on weight loss as a means to achieve health, the truth is we must be healthy to lose weight.

The best way to achieve your ideal weight and maintain it for life is to make a long-term nutritional adjustment that is tailor-made for your specific metabolism.  The Healthy and Active Program is a personal nutritional program that is scientifically proven to help you lose weight, keep it off while optimizing your metabolism.

How it works is a patient gets blood work done.  The results of the blood work is analyzed, then patient’s are given a 30 page report that outlines the foods that they can eat, the recommended portions and a full explanation of the program.  Some of the basic rules of the program include eating 3 meals a day, no skipping meals; final meal of the day is no more than 3 hours before bed;  always begin with the protein portion of the meal; no snacking between meals; only eat foods on food list; drink enough fluids; be physically active.

Let this year be the year you achieve your health goals!