Health is a Process


There is often a word that will come up frequently and this month it was the word “PROCESS”.

Health is a Process

What I always want patients to understand is that health and healing is a process.  When you walk in my door, you didnT get to this state of health overnight, it took you a lifetime to get to this stage, therefore the process of getting you moving in a healthy direction will take some time.  This is not a “quick fix”, “magic pill” type of medicine.

Neither is health a destination, it is a process.  Health and healing is always a work in progress.  It is the things you do everyday on a consistent basis that is going to lead you on your healing journey.  It’s those little decisions you make on a daily basis that will make the difference in your health.  For example, if you eat one good meal a week, that’s great, but it’s not enough.  If you are the weekend warrior and have one great workout a week, that’s great, but it’s not enough.  You need to eat well on a daily basis, you need to exercise on a consistent basis.  These are the things that are going to make a difference in the process of your health.

So cheers to you for making all those little but significant, good decisions about your health on a consistent basis, because that’s what will make the big difference in the end by truly supporting the process of healing.