January 2018 Newsletter

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2018!! A year where self-care, balance and growth are a priority. A year where you are working to be your best self!


2018 is already off to a great start! Our clinic was selected as the 2018 Consumer Choice Award winner in the category of Naturopathic Medicine in Southern Alberta. We are honoured and appreciative!

Published Article

Dr. Roberts has a featured article in Amber Approved Magazine Winter 2017 Edition entitled FIVE Causes of Thyroid Dysfunction

Featured Lab Service Offered

D-Spot Test


The vitamin D blood spot is an easy at-home test-kit, which accurately measures your blood levels of 25-hydroxy vitamin D with a single finger prick.  It is important to keep your blood levels of vitamin D within a stable range that is neither too high nor too low. Knowing your vitamin D levels allows you to supplement with the correct amount of vitamin D3 for your specific physiological requirements.

Risk factors for vitamin D deficiency include: 

  • living in northern latitudes,
  • dark skin color,
  • sunscreen use,
  • minimal outdoor summertime sun exposure,
  • excess cloud and smog cover and
  • excess body weight.
  • Medications including anticonvulsants, steroids and statins can have a negative impact on vitamin D status.

Vitamin D has long been recognized as an essential component of healthy bones and teeth and for maintaining our levels of calcium and phosphorous. Severe Vitamin D deficiency in infants and children causes the condition called rickets, characterized by soft and misshaped bones and teeth and muscle weakness.

Emerging research is beginning to uncover more connections between vitamin D and human health. Vitamin D plays a key role in balancing the body’s immune system and may play a role in preventing infections and autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis.

Other avenues of research have shown the link between treating vitamin D deficiency and treating mental disorders such as seasonal affective disorder and depression.  Vitamin D has also been used to improved muscle strength and balance and to prevent falls and fractures in the elderly.

It also shows promise in the treatment of certain pain conditions including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and restless leg syndrome Finally, there are population studies that have shown an association between higher levels of vitamin D and a decreased incidence of heart disease and cancers of the breast, prostate and colon.

Guest Article

7 Tips to a Successful Detox

BY: Susie Stockham

Time and time again I hear it, “I’m just gonna eat that (insert crap food here), because tomorrow I’m going to starve and be miserable on my new plan.”  This can lead quickly to making yourself wrong. I prefer to coach people to start with crowding out. Some people have lofty goals and want to change big things, which is awesome, but if it took you a while to get “toxified” (I think I made that up) then please, be kind to yourself. Allow the time that’s required to detox gently.  The key to a successful detox is to go easy on your body. Ease into it, ease out of it. If it is hard, most people wont stick to it, and then it becomes a “failed” plan.
Here are 7 things you can do to help your body detox gently.

1) The week before you start, add 1 thing that you will be doing on your plan. Make a small change, and feel good about it. Eg up your water intake and add lemon. Drinking lemon water help the body hydrate, start detoxing naturally and its an easy habit you can feel good about. If you already do this, pick something else like no eating after 8pm or going to bed earlier, something you can just start that won’t overwhelm you and will personally benefit you. Something you can feel good about.

2) Support your liver and kidneys. Both are major detox organs so show them some extra love in the way of a supplement, superfood or healthy food. Beets are amazing for your liver, for example, and ginger, turmeric and parsley are great for your kidneys. There are lots of superfoods and teas that are liver and kidney loving as well. Don’t be afraid to thank your organs too…spending some time breathing and sending healing love and gratitude can’t hurt. Don’t you just love it when someone thanks YOU for a job well done?

3) Add chlorella to your lemon water, cinnamon is another great one…heck, do both, it tastes nice and chlorella is a super detox helper, cinnamon is an antioxidant.  Your skin will thank you.

4) Remember “less is more,” this one is huge for an “all or nothing” mindset. If you are doing better than yesterday then keep going. Cutting a bad habit in half is still way better than before. Celebrate this in the positive without putting pressure on yourself. Transitioning to new habits  can be challenging. Getting used to new flavours and changing your pallet also takes time, so if you need to mix things half and half just to start then do that.

Make sure you have a realistic time goal in mind so you don’t get too comfy though, and start making excuses to stay here. Be real with yourself, know your limits, but also push your comfort zone a little bit each day…it’s a fine dance so be kind to yourself. It’s a process.

5) Sleep! If you are starting a new plan, detoxing makes work for your body. It is soooo worth it, but getting plenty of rest is just plain helpful so your body can repair itself.
Hint detox headache? Big glass of water and sleep! Tomorrow is a new day.

6) Fibre Up. Increase your fibre so you can move that stuff through. Your liver dumps into your colon so you want to get the toxicity out as fast as possible. Gelatinous foods help tremendously with this process as they work as a magnet for toxins to stick to.

Chia, for example, is a “perfect” food in many respects and this is one simple add-on to almost any plan.

After your last meal of the day mix 2 tablespoons of chia with about half a cup of water. It’s fibre, protein, anti-inflammatory, and a superfood. It really tastes like nothing so it isn’t even that hard to get down. Try it…see how it moves you!!! ?

7) Breathe. Your lungs are also a major organ of detox so get your heart and breath rate up daily through cardio movement, also spend some time just breathing in the moment.
When all your detox organs are clear the last place for health to show is your skin. You will start to notice more vibrancy through your skin in both colour and texture…also your eyes get really white and sparkly when your kidneys are clear.

The body is amazingly forgiving. Allow the process to unfold and celebrate the steps forward, even if, on some days it feels like a couple steps back.  Your cells turn over daily…many times. Blood cells take 3 months to fully cycle and regenerate, and 1 full year for your bone cells.

So make sure to celebrate all of your successes. Small steps always lead to big changes with time.
To find out more about personalized ways to detox or to book a session with Susie contact (403)-470-6740

Susie is a Complementary Medicine Therapist and Certified Intuitive with a nutritional background. She has assisted many clients with guidance on both their spiritual and health journeys, specializing in chronic digestive issues for both children and adults by balancing physical, emotional and mental symptoms through Reiki and Energy Work.

Featured Recipe

Balsamic Brussel Sprouts

Contributed by Valentene