Darkfield Microscopy “You can’t grow a flower in cement”


Darkfield Microscopy "You can't grow a flower in cement"This is a test that allows us to take a look at your body’s “internal environment”.  In order for your cells to be healthy, they need a healthy environment to live in.  The analogy is that you canT grow a flower in cement.  In order to grow a flower, it needs mineral-rich soil, water and sunshine. In order for that flower to grow and be healthy, it needs healthy soil.  The environment that your cells live in is called “your terrain”, and your body needs a healthy terrain, in order to have healthy cells.  Therefore, this test allows us to see if you have a healthy terrain.

Darkfield Microscopy "You can't grow a flower in cement"This test simply involves a prick of the fingertip and with the darkfield microscopy we are able to see a number of different components in the blood.  That one drop of blood is a good representative of the blood circulating throughout your entire body.  The drop of blood is put on a slide that is then viewed at high magnification with a darkfield microscope that forwards the image to a large screen television where you and your doctor can view the blood.

This test gives information about a composite of over 25 aspects including the pH balance in the body, inflammation in the body, oxidation in the body, the quality of the red blood cells, metabolism of nutrients, mineral balance, liver congestion, kidney function, immune system, evidence of chronic infections, hypercoagulation leading to circulatory problems, evidence of hormonal imbalances.

The wonderful thing about our bodies is that we have the capabilities to change our internal environment.  Therefore, as a patient move forward on their healing journey, this test can be used to monitor a patient’s progress with the goal of creating a healthier internal environment.