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A New Year, A New Direction

Hearing Your BodyTalk


2018 for many was a big year of change. Some changes were welcome and others were unforeseen and very difficult. Many people are beginning the new year wondering what the future holds and what they should do to make it secure and stable as well as positive.

If you feel like you’ve got focus on what you want the future to look like and yet you seem to keep coming up against struggles or health issues, all this means is that you are subconsciously believing something other than the happy thoughts you’re telling yourself. It means you believe something other than what you’re thinking.

So how can you tell if the direction you’re taking is the right one? Your body is showing you right now. It’s your health.

What does that mean exactly?

It means you live in a powerful tool. Your body. It’s the one thing that will show you immediately if you’re heading in the right direction. Or not.

When you’re thinking in alignment with what’s right for you, your mind is clear, your energy is high, your digestion is good, you sleep soundly and wake rested and refreshed, and your outlook is optimistic. You feel good.

When your subconscious isn’t aligned with what you’re doing, your body tells you this too. Loudly, usually – through poor digestion, headaches, body pain, addictions, depression, poor sleep, chronic colds or more serious illness. These are all signs that what’s inside isn’t in sync with the life you’re living.

The Power in Making Decisions

What determines our actions? It’s simple, our decisions. We – meaning all of us – certainly don’t always make the best decisions, but our greatest power is that at any time we can make new decisions to move forward.

Your decisions shape your future so it’s important to know what you need to change most, and why. “I’d like to make a difference”, or “I’d like to have more money”, or “I need to lose weight” are not decisions, they’re just ‘shoulds’ – or preference thoughts.

  • Making a true decision means cutting yourself off from any other possibility. This kind of clarity gives you power. It’s the decisions you make today that determine your future, not your past.

Understand that without action, you haven’t made a decision.

Enjoy making decisions. You never know which one of your decisions will be the catalyst to open the floodgates. The way to make better decisions is by making more of them. The more often you make decisions, the better you get at making the right decisions for you.

Your body is with you through every decision. It’s the best tool you’ve got. Your health will always show you if you’re on track with what’s right for you. It takes practice to hear what your body is trying to tell you so if you need support to get the ball rolling, BodyTalk is an extremely effective tool. BodyTalk is a system that lets your body’s innate wisdom speak. If you’re not sure which path is right, let your body do the talking.

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References: Tony Robbins, “Awaken The Giant Within”

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