The word of the month is “CHANGE”

spring-flowersThe seasons change, Spring is upon us, the trees are budding, time moves forward, our children get older and so do we.  The only thing that is predictable in this world is change.  We are dynamic beings that are constantly changing; our cells are constantly breaking down and building up.  Every seven years every cell in our body is brand new…… isn’t that amazing!!  Change is inevitable.

The problem is that we are creatures of habit.  We like to do the same thing day in and day out and then wonder why things are not changing.  Ancient proverb says the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.  We follow the same routines, eat the same foods, do the same things and wonder how we got to the state of health that we are in.

Often a health challenge is a call for change.  A time to change old habits that were not working for us and replace them with healthy habits that will help to move us in a healthier direction.

We need to embrace change, as we embrace the change of seasons and see it as an opportunity for growth.  Change is good.

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Dr. Julie MillerWe are excited to welcome Dr. Julie Miller, Naturopathic Doctor, to our practice!!!

Dr. Julie Miller is an amazing ND who truly cares about her patients, she has extensive training in biological medicine and will be a wonderful addition to our team.

Click here to read more about Dr. Miller.

Featured Article

Debunking the Osteoporosis Myths

Osteoporosis MythsThe common beliefs regarding protecting yourself from developing osteoporosis is if we (1) drink milk and eat dairy products and (2) take more calcium and vitamin D and we will be protecting ourselves from osteoporosis.  Then if all else fails then (3) estrogen and anti-osteoporosis drugs will solve the problem.

(1)The western world consumes the highest amounts of cow’s dairy worldwide yet we have the highest incidences of osteoporosis in the world.  Is it possible that we are falling for good advertising and milk does not do a body good???

When the body is acidic, this leads to bone loss… READ MORE.

Your Health Questions Answered

To detox or not to detox… that is the question?

A question I frequently get asked is “do you think I should do a detox or cleanse?” My initial response is usually that it is more beneficial to eat a good, clean diet on a regular basis than to only do a few cleanses a year.

We definitely live in a toxic world and are constantly exposed toxins in our environment from the air we breathe to the food we eat.  Doing the right kind of detox or cleanse can be hugely beneficial to our health and well-being.

We are as healthy as our cells.  As our cells become submerged in toxins, our cells and our health become toxic.  This can be very challenging on our body’s ability to function properly.  The key principle of detoxing is an opportunity to give your digestive tract a break, allow some of those toxins to move out of the body and reap the benefits of better health.

My problem with most cleanses on the market is that most are good at mobilizing toxins but not very effective at moving toxins out of the body, so most cleanses simply move toxins from one area of the body to another.   Just because you are sitting on the toilet all day, doesn’t mean toxins are moving out.  Those kinds of cleanses never sounded appealing to me.  If you are not supporting the pathways of detoxification, you cannot effectively move toxins out of the body.  If the detoxification pathways are not open, then the body just starts to reabsorb and store those toxins away.

I am fully supportive of doing cleanses that open the detoxification pathways and support the organs of elimination when your body has the vitality and strength to handle this.

Featured Program

Neera Super Cleanse

Neera Super CleanseOne of the cleanses that I frequently recommend for my patients is the Neera Super Cleanse.

What makes this cleanse unique and more effective is the natural tree syrup that is used.  The mixture of the natural tree syrups makes a concoction that is rich in minerals and able to support the organs of detoxification.

Neera Cleanse uses a syrup called Madal Bal Syrup which is a mixture of grade C Canadian maple syrup and palm syrup.  Madal Bal Syrup uses sap from selected trees growing in natural, chemical-free conditions. It requires 40-50 gallons of sweet sap to obtain one gallon of grade C syrup, which is the darkest and richest grade of maple syrup. Neera or palm syrup has been used for thousands of years in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.  The palm syrup is harvested from tree’s flowering fruit stem.

The mixture of the syrups in Madal Bal Syrup is designed to precisely balance a rich mixture of essential minerals.  Maple syrup is rich in manganese and zinc while Neera syrup contains large quantities of potassium and calcium.  When mixed in the correct proportions we get a unique natural tree syrup with ideal mineral ratios.

The main objective of the Neera Super Cleanse is to cleanse the various organs of the body and to dissolve and eliminate accumulated waste materials.

You replace all solid foods with the Neera Drink which is a mixture of Madal Bal Syrup, freshly squeezed lemon juice, cayenne pepper and water.  It gives you energy you need and it stimulates the body’s natural cleansing process.  It rests the digestive tract while having all the nutrients to support the organs of detoxification.

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MASOOR DAL (Red Lentils) WITH SPINACH AND LEMON (slow cooker)


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