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Let’s talk about WHITE REFINED SUGAR

sugarWhite refined sugar is all over the place from candies, baked goods, most processed foods, sauces and dressings.  It is a hugely problematic substance in our diet.

It does starts off as a natural plant from sugar cane or sugar beets, then through heating, mechanical and chemical processing all vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, enzymes and fiber are removed until only the sugar remains.  Sugar is stripped of all nutrients therefore provides zero nutritional value to the body.

What is left is a highly refined isolated concentrated chemically manipulated version of a plant source, but all the manipulation actually makes it an unnatural product and more of a drug-like substance. White refined sugar is not a food, it has zero nutritional value, it is a pure chemical extracted from plant sources.

Sugar feeds the unhealthy bacteria and fungi in the gut, which leads to anovergrowth of unhealthy bacteria and fungi and this leads to a depleted immune system.

Sugar increases blood glucose levels rapidly, which stimulates insulin production by the pancreas and makes the pancreas work way harder than it needs to. Overtime this can lead to a weakened pancreas, insulin resistance and eventually diabetes.

Sugar is an addictive substance.  Sugar stimulates the feel-good chemical called dopamine.

If sugar that is consumed and not required in the body then it is stored as fats.

Too much sugar in the blood damages nearly every cell and can cause very severe long-term damage to the body, as it is a major inflammatory substance in the body.

There’s lots of reasons that we should all be avoiding WHITE REFINED SUGAR!

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What cookware should I be using?


Stay away from Teflon pans and aluminum pots.  Teflon pans are covered with toxic chemicals that slowly leech into our foods and can have dangerous health risks.  Aluminum pots when heated the aluminum can slowly leech in our foods and contribute to heavy metal toxicity in the body.

I recommend using titanium, ceramic, cast iron or stainless cookware are safer options.

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