What’s wrong with WHEAT anyways?


What's wrong with WHEAT anyways?Wheat has a large amount a protein called “gluten”.  This is a very large protein that is difficult to effectively breakdown and metabolize.  Since our bodies cannot effectively break it down, it will sit in your digestive tracts and cause inflammation.

Modern wheat is very different from the wheat of our ancestors.  The proportion of gluten protein in wheat has increased enormously as a result of hybridization.  The wheat we eat today is different than the wheat our ancestors ate even 50 years ago.

The pure wheat flour has been processed into refined white flour that is stripped of its nutritional value. The wheat was hybridized to have a high gluten content to produce a stronger dough structure and improve baking quality, as well as supply a high protein bread.  The problem is that the further our food is from its natural form, the more difficult it is for our bodies to recognize it and effectively metabolize it.  Our food has changed due to economics and not changed in the best interest of people’s health or with any examination of the long-term effects on our health.

This makes our modern day wheat in North America an inflammatory food that should be avoided for good health.