Tis the season for “Moderation”


Tis the season for "Moderation"

As the holiday season approaches, and there is an increased amount of parties and celebrations with friends, family and co-workers.  The key is to not overindulge in all the goodies but to eat in “moderation”.  This does not mean you cannot eat anything “unhealthy” at all, as we all know how tempting that is.  It is only eating one or two instead of the entire plate.  You donT want to insult the host by totally refusing the treats after all!!!

We donT want to be in a state where we feel deprived or like we are missing out on something.  We want to feel in control of making our own decisions.  Part of that is making smart decisions.  For example if you choose a treat, ask yourself; “Is this going to make me feel sick?”, “Is it worth having?”  My advice is to have treats in moderation and take the time to enjoy it!!