What does it mean when food is labeled “organic” and is it actually better for you?


What does it mean when food is labeled "organic" and is it actually better for you?Organic foods are grown without the use of pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers.  They should not contain genetically modified organisms.  There are no artificial food additives, chemical ripening or food irradiation.  Animals are not given antibiotics or growth hormones and are fed foods that are not chemically-laden.  Some countries have high standards for being able to claim that they are certified organic including Canada, Australia, European Union and United States.

I agree with the argument that it is difficult for any food in our toxic world to be completely organic, as it’s hard to control pesticide spraying from nearby farms to not contaminate the organic farms among them.  Or that the air pollution will not affect our crops. Or to have a truly clean water supply that wonT contaminate the food supply.  So, yes, even with every effort made by great organic farmers it is difficult to have completely clean foods, but in the end an effort has been made to produce a better option and organic foods are a better, cleaner option, and will reduce the intake of toxicity into our bodies.  Organic foods are a better option to non-organic foods and I recommend buying and eating these foods whenever possible.

By reducing the toxin load on the body, we allow the body to function optimally with less stresses and interference to our self-healing capacity.