Is there any problems microwaving plastics?


When plastics are microwaved the chemicals from the plastics will leach into the foods and this will increase the toxicity of the food.  Bisphenol-A-diglycidyl (BADGE) is a cold-cure adhesion used in plastic packaging and many plastic bottles.  This is a toxic chemical for human consumption and was shown in a study published in Food Additive and Contaminants in 1995 to release small amounts of BADGE into food during microwaving.  Benzophenone is a component of ink on the printed paperboard.  This toxic chemical has been shown to migrate from the packaging into the food.  PVC plastic films have been found to release plasticisers into the food when microwaved according to a study done in 1996.  We should not put plastics in the microwave.   Therefore, we should never heat plastic bottles with milk for our babies.  This is a serious health hazard that should be avoided.

I recommend using glass bottles and heating bottles with water boiled on the stove or in a kettle.