July 2020 Newsletter

New Technology – PEMF Cellular Exercise Therapy

We are excited to announce that we are bringing new technology into the clinic that we believe has been the missing piece in our practice. We finally found a technology that gets to the root of many health issues and can help those patients that have tried everything for pain, disease, and chronic illness that hasn’t resolved over time.

Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize Laureate, demonstrated that cells maintain a voltage across their membrane. Healthy cells have a measurable voltage from 70-100 millivolts, heart cells having the highest at 90-100 millivolts. Dr. Warburg found that due to the constant stress of modern life along with a toxic environment and the aging process, cellular voltage drops. People with chronic disease had a cellular voltage of 30-50mV, cancer patients at cellular voltages less than 15-20mV.

Cells accumulate and hold electrical charge, just like a cell phone battery holds a charge. Overtime, your cells loss its charge, just like your cell phone battery losses its charge. PEMF helps to re-charge your cells, like re-charging your cell phone battery.

According to recent research, as voltage begins to drop, pain and disease begin to manifest.

Optimal health is defined by voltage.

PEMF Cellular Exercise therapy gives cells the energy they need to repair themselves.

PEMF Cellular Exercise therapy is beneficial for:

  1. Stronger bones and accelerated repair of bones
  2. Endorphins and pain relief
  3. Better sleep and HGH secretion
  4. Improved energy
  5. Better oxygenation and circulation
  6. Improved immunity
  7. Relaxation and stress reduction
  8. Nerve and tissue regeneration


Buy one SESSION ($100) and get TWO for FREE.

If you want to learn more: PEMF Cellular Exercise Therapy

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