February 2019 Newsletter

New testing available

Lipoprotein Particle Profile (LPP) Test

Conventional cholesterol testing has historically been used as the standard indicator for cardiovascular disease, often being classified as “good” HDL or “bad” LDL. Studies have indicated that it is actually the lipoprotein particles that are responsible for key steps in plaque formation and the development of cardiovascular disease.  The small, dense, cholesterol-depleted particles cause the highest risk, as well as a higher number of these lipoproteins. Measuring cholesterol alone is inadequate to assess with any accuracy an individual’s cardiovascular risk.

Lipoprotein Particle Profile is an advanced technology that measures both lipoprotein particle density and number with precision. This information can indicate cardiovascular abnormalities and inflammation, which is routinely missed using only a standard lipid panel, as well as evaluate early stages of cardiovascular disease.

This test involves a blood draw at our clinic, whereby we mail the vials of blood to a specialized lab for sophisticated evaluation.

Featured Article

PureGenomics: An Exciting Platform to Decode Raw Data from
23andMe and Ancestry.ca Genetic Tests


I have to admit, when patients first started bringing in their genetic
results from 23andMe, including the methylation and detox profiles
from sites such as Genetic Genie, I was overwhelmed and not sure how
to prioritize between all the different SNPs. Furthermore, I also
recognize the role of the environment, both internal and external, in
determining how these genes are expressed (epigenetics) which further
complicates the issue. In order to enhance my understanding of the
subject and better support my patients, I recently attended a lecture
introducing a platform, called PureGenomics, that includes only
clinically relevant SNPs, or genetic quirks as I like to call them, that
have scientifically validated nutritional interventions. Although we still
know that the environment (eg diet, environmental toxins, stress) plays a
crucial role in gene expression, PureGenomics is a great tool for
providing useful insight regarding our unique genetic predispositions
that impact areas such as methylation, cognition and mood, weight
management, cardiovascular risk, detoxification, vitamin and mineral
status, and immune system.

Here is more information fromPureGenomics:
“The mapping of the human genome brought tremendous opportunities
for optimizing human health, but this flood of information has also led to
more questions. Can genetic variations lead to long-term health
consequences? How can these be bypassed? And, how can clinicians use
genetic information to help people achieve their best health?

The expanding field of nutritional genomics holds tremendous potential
for healthcare providers to connect the dots between the human genome
and nutrition to optimize health. The challenge lies in sorting through
pages of genetic data, which requires a skilled eye and may take hours to
interpret effectively. This means it is incredibly difficult for practitioners
to take full advantage of this powerful information and provide every

single patient with a personalized treatment plan for optimal health.

Understanding your genetics and taking measures to optimize your
health doesn’t have to be complicated.

Pure Encapsulations ® , a leading manufacturer of research-based,
hypoallergenic health supplements, is bridging the gap between genetic
results and personalized health protocols by providing healthcare
practitioners with the resources they need to interpret genetic test results.

PureGenomics™ combines tools, protocols and health supplements with
a dynamic, practitioner-exclusive website application designed to help
easily translate, identify and address common genetic variations known
as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). While over 10 million
SNPs are known, only a few have clinical significance. PureGenomics™
provides reports on SNPs that are relevant to health, validated by
published research, and responsive to nutritional support, making it
simple for healthcare providers to upload a patient’s genetic test results
and offer a tailored nutritional regimen based on each individual’s
unique health needs.

By providing concise individualized reports with supplement
recommendations, PureGenomics™ makes it easy to TEST,
TRANSLATE and TARGET important SNPs with the right nutritional
support, empowering patients and practitioners with precision and
confidence in the pursuit of optimal health for every patient.”

If you are interested in unlocking your genetic potential, please call our
clinic and we will send you an email invitation to upload your raw data
from 23andMe or Ancestry.ca to the secure PureGenomics platform and
then you can book a follow-up appointment with Dr Julie to go over
your results and personalized plan.

Featured Recipe

Flaxseed Cinnamon Bun Muffins (based on a recipe from ‘The Keto Diet’ by Leanne

Contributed by Dr. Tory Jackson