Goals of Naturopathic Treatment at our clinic


Goals of Naturopathic Treatment at our clinicIt is important for patients to understand what our goals of treatment are.  While all patients are different and each will have individual treatment plans to suit their specific needs, our main goals remain the same.  The length of time it takes to achieve these goals can vary greatly from a few months to a few years.  When you understand where you are now and you can gain a better understanding of where you are heading.

  • Help the body to regain NORMAL physiology
  • All organs are functioning optimally
  • Remove stresses on the body
  • Not dependent on drugs or supplements
  • See patients once a season (4x/year)
  • For most people, that wheat and cow’s dairy are NEVER a staple in their diet but they can consume wheat or dairy on occasion without it causing any setbacks in their health.
  • Goal of Electrodermal Screening: all systems of the body are around 50 with a 0% drop.
  • Goal of Darkfield Microscopy: blood appears like Normal Blood sample
  • Goal of Heart Rate Variability: SNS is at 60 and PNS is at 40