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Whole-Body Regulation Thermography (AlfaSight 9000)

AlfaSight 9000We have a new assessment toolfor your whole body health and there is no other test like it!!

We now have the technologically advanced Whole-Body Regulation Thermometry system at our clinic, the AlfaSight 9000. It is afunctional test based on thermoregulation, neuroscience and the autonomic response that measures the regulation capacity of organs, tissues and glands. It has a high degree of accuracy and predictability.

There is no other test that shows the dynamic changes and reactivity of the autonomic nervous system.  It is these small dynamic changes which is the basis of healthy physiology. MRI, CT scans and mammograms are imaging tests that look to detect a growth or lesion in the anatomy, while regulation thermometry is a physiological test that looks at the body as a dynamic system that is constantly changing, therefore it is able to evaluate the function of an organ, not simply providing an image of the existing underlying anatomy. This system can detect cancerous tendencies before pathology is detected.  Therefore we can detect patterns of disease early and reverse them at an early stage before they become pathological. This is true preventative medicine.

It is a tool that assesses the health of the autonomic nervous system and circulation around organs, glands and lymph. A special temperature sensor with an infrared coupling sensor is used to pick up on the slight changes in skin temperature. The sensor is non-invasive with no radiation, chemicals or electricity. It is a very sensitive measuring tool that picks up the slightest changes in skin temperature.

How the testing is done?

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A special temperature sensor with infrared coupling is used to test 119 points all over the body. Then the body is exposed to a cool temperature for 10mins, which is considered a stress on the body. The 119 points are rechecked after this cool exposure. All the points should be able to regulate themselves, if they can regulate themselves then the tissues are healthy, if they are unable to regulate then we can pick up on patterns of organ and system disturbances that are typically patterns for disease processes.

The Science Behind Regulation Thermography

The body is constantly adapting to the environment to maintain a stable body temperature through a complex process called thermoregulation.  The skin is crucial element to maintaining body temperature.  It sweats when we are hot. It gets goose bumps when we are cold. The autonomic nervous system regulates temperature throughout the body in response to both internal and external stress factors, and it reacts to stress factors by manipulating capillary blood flow to and from the skin.

When we expose the body to a slightly cooler temperature this leads to blood flow away from the skin to the core and head in order to maintain essential organ temperature and oxygenation. Therefore we can assess internal homeostasis by observing skin temperature behavior.

There are neuro-cutaneous pathways called viscero-cutaneous reflex arc whereby the nervous system sends impulses from the skin to the brain, then signals are sent to the capillaries including signals from the underlying organs and each organ responds based on its functional capacity and vitality influencing the impulses to capillary beds thus affecting the temperature of the skin.  It is through the viscero-cutaneous reflex arc that we can identify influences that lead to disease and disease progression.

Therefore by stimulating the body with cool air and measuring the changes in skin temperature, we can obtain exceptional insight into the body’s system wide physiological health.

Key Organ and Tissue Patterns Recognized by AlfaSight 9000

  • Breast
  • Prostate function
  • Intestinal Disorders
  • Endocrine function
  • Liver function
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiac function
  • Brain and Headache
  • Dental Infections
  • Neuromuscular
  • Pulmonary function
  • Viral and Bacterial disease

Difference between the CRT 2000 and the AlfaSight 9000

The temperature sensor on the AlfaSight 9000 also has an infrared coupling sensor which can take the temperature at a slightly deeper tissue level, allowing us to get a more accurate tissue reading.

The other difference is the analysis of the results and print out for patients, which is more detailed, comprehensive and easily understandable,  including:

  • priority for treatment list
  • colour-coded image that indicates generalized overview of suspicious regions
  • dental relationships
  • breast analysis with a 12 point scale of Breast Suspicion Criteria
  • dysregulative pattern signatures and disturbances (ie. Toxicity index, heavy metal signature, autoimmune indications, immune stresses, lymphatic blockage, etc.)

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